Isn't it scary that liberals hate Romney and GOP more than Al Qaeda?

They hate GOP, Romney 100 times more than they actually hated Osama Bin Laden, Taliban or any type of convicted serial killer. Isn't that scary to have such intense hatred against people of your own country? They labeled Bush/Cheney as terrorists too.
Update: yahoo boards and forums give ample evidence of the type of hatred that exists among them. Its an everyday thing and anyone knows it
Update 2: i notice some of the most hateful lib personalities are jumping to answer here. they should look at their own answers of the past!
Update 3: armchair goddess, summertime, micheal prop 8, etc etc are just those type of DOUCHE-BAGS
Update 4: Just few months back a user named armchair goddess was accusing Romney of being a "murderer". That's the typical level 7 lib user here
Update 5: i don't require to produce evidence. its just how i feel about them. reading their posts on various online forums is clear reflection of this.
Update 6: you ABSOLUTELY cannot deny there do exist these type of LIBS on yahoo. The assertion that there exist none of such is bull shut!
Update 7: many of them are anti-jew too
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