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How do Catholics feel about Martin Luther?

I never really thought about this, but Martin Luther was kind of like a revolutionary, questioning the authority and character of the Catholic church and actually starting a new movement based on entirely different principles. One person in a question I was just looking at called him a "terrorist" and said that he's in Hell for deceiving so many people. As someone who was raised Protestant, even though I'm an atheist now, that was a very strange sight to me because I was always taught that he was like, an enlightened hero. It was very interesting to learn that there are Christians who actually view him as a bad guy.

So, I'm just curious, what are Catholics' thoughts on Martin Luther?

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    He is in hell right now and you will be too if you follow his lies.

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    ML is my favorite major Protestant Reformer and church-founder of the 16th century

    because he stayed the closest to to Catholicism

    which is why Lutheranism is the form of confessional Protestantism closest to Catholic Christianity

    ( Anglicanism has parties and schools closer but the Augsburg Confession is far closer to Catholicism than the 39 Articles)

    There are Lutheran Evangelical Catholic groups that have asked to'reunite' with the Catholic Church since they think that the issues of the reformation on faith, justification, grace and thevaried Medieval abuse issues have been resolved

    The official dialogues have produced much concensus

    with the Joint declaration on Justification being the most important

    ML had his personality issues ( just read his Table Talk) and he did not get along well with those who did not agree with him( especially dissenting Protestants like the Anabaptists and Zwinglians)

    As a Catholic, i think ML was way off in some areas such as teaching that the Papacy was the Antichrist ( or of the antichrists)

    I am in a Lutheran -Catholic dialogue group

    I love Luther's hymns such as Ein Feste Burg

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    I am Catholic. I view him as someone who was simply questioning his faith and the role of the Church. Christ and the Bible ask us to question all that we know, so Martin Luther is not a bad guy. He simply has some differing views from me. Who am I or any other person to judge another for their beliefs. True Christians know that judging others is against our religion.

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    Martin Luther never wanted to start a new religion....he was excommunicated because he told the truth about the Catholic religion. He wanted the German people to read the bible for themselves...had the bible translated into German. It was the Catholic church who demonized Martin Luther.

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    Catholics are not very well versed in history, so they probably don't have much to say unless someone from their church forms the opinion for them. To back up that claim, they have the Bible read and interpreted for them. They are not systematically encouraged to read their own bible.


    I grew up Catholic and did some learning since then. I would ask all the religions that came after Catholicism: If you think the Catholics are bad, why do you use their collection of bible books?

  • My friend,

    From what I heard, Martin Luther just wanted reform, he never wanted to break away. I am Catholic and I realize that the Church was corrupt way back when. But he was excommunicated and made his own church.

    God bless,


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    he is just another figure of history who though he was correct in some of his assumptions , his actions have caused the reformation to be a mish mash of unauthorised and confused faiths,the church has survived many upheavals worse than that and will continue to do so. jesus had troubles in his time but the holy spirit guides the church through the ebb and flow of history

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    he was a heretic that has contributed to the secularization and Islamic takeover of Europe.

    He said Jews who did not join his church should be killed and the Ottomans should conquer Europe to punish Christians for their sins. he was insane.

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