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Chemistry convert 16.9 cm to m?

Please tell me how you do this. I'm so lost

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  • Dave P
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    cm to metres

    there's 100 cm in a metre

    to convert cm to metres, multiply by (1m/100cm) and cancel the units:

    16.9 cm * (1 m / 100 cm) = 0.169 m

    Whenever you have to change units, simply write the equivalent amounts of the the starting and ending units (100 cm and 1 m in this case) as a fraction, with the unit you want to lose on the bottom and multiply the starting value by this.

  • 7 years ago

    As we know:

    100cm -> 1m

    1cm -> 1/100m

    16.9cm ->16.9/100=0.169m

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