Super realistic racing/car simulator video game?

Does anyone know of a super realistic driving simulator not only about the realistic crashes? I can go without realistic crashes, but also with engine maintenance? Say starting the car and revving before your oil pressure stabilizes and you throw a rod. Or doing donuts to an extreme level and blowing a head gasket? Speeding down a road at 100mph and accidentally shifting in reverse and watching the transmission explode?

Anyone know of a driving simulator like this? Or remotely close? Because that's what makes a "racing" game realistic. Not being able to take a curve going 175MPH or something ridiculous like that.


Michael- lol, do you even know what a piston rod is?

Update 2:

Microsoft have made Train, and plane simulators with real life effects and damage.

Plus I think it's cool you mentioned that you have a Camaro. I just recently sold my V6 Firebird and bought a 2002 Trans Am WS6. I know a little bit about cars... or else I wouldn't have posted this question on here, would I?

I don't have a local dragstrip, so I take my car through Alley Valley here in Fort Blackmore VA. I highly doubt you're a local, so just to sum it up, no straight aways, just raw curves against a cliffside, and no guard rails. Down shift too early, you're gone, lose control drifting a corner, you're gone.

In the winter, I take my friends 2004 WRX STi. There is nothing more fun than the adrenaline rush of Alley Valley.

Once I've also took my uncle's 300 SRT8, that's 425 stock ponies, a 4,000lb car, and a RWD set up that takes a driver's skill to drive.

I'm not wanting to start an argument, I asked a simple question, and to try to be prof

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    Gran Turismo has realistic physics and car design. You don't need to worry about something going wrong with the car, but every upgrade you make has many advantages and disadvantages. Although the game does not focus on maintenance, its focus is all about how the car drives for simplicity.

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    Ive been there executed that a lot of cases. It became a habitual. It become on my first Deployment during the ninety-ninety one Gulf conflict as quickly as we won incoming Artillery. no person become hit, yet while issues start to blow up its no video game. while rounds go whizzing over your head, then you definately be conscious of its actual. Seeing autos get blown aside and into the air, is a adventure you will in no way forget approximately. As a frontrunner, you are able to make your troops experience comfortable. in the event that they see worry in there chief, then it has a tendency to trickle down. No video game or Simulator can replace the actual battleground consequences.

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    Check out the professional Formula 1 simulator Evotek SYM 026.

    Various videos are available on YouTube, just search for Evotek SYM 026

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    no, and yes i know what a piston rod is; however, no game developer would ever make a racing game that required so much maintenance, because the majority of the public is lazy and would not care to learn such things to play a game. If by some slim chance there were such a game, it would be incredibly hard to find and expensive. My advice is to buy an old car so you could do your "maintenance" on it and take it to the strip on the weekends.

    I have a 1970 Camaro z28 with a zl1 fuel injected engine, that i take to the drag or around town just for fun... might want to try it yourself.

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