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Anonymous asked in SportsMotorcycle Racing · 7 years ago

Motorbike Fork Compressed?

Whilst changing my fork oil I pumped the fork to remove any excess oil when it got stuck in the compressed position. It seems thoroughly stuck. How can I free it?


I should have been more specific. The forks are apart. Spring and oil etc out. But the fork tube is stuck entirely down in the stanction. Apparently they can stick like crazy but as its stuck down I can't remove the drain allen bolt at the bottom of the stanction.

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  • John R
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    7 years ago
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    That is not good.

    Forks can only stick if there is something bent or broken.

    Your fork tubes can be bent. Your damping rods might be bent. Your fork spring(s) might be broken.

    Put the bike up on a center stand or milk crates. Remove the front wheel (be careful you might only have one fork tube with the problem, if this is the case the other tube will attempt to extend when you remove the front wheel). Loosen up the triple clamps holding the fork tubes. Remove the tube(s) that are not extending. Place one fork tube at a time into a vice holding the lower slider tube. Remove the fork cap - WARNING - if the fork tube is partialy compressed the fork cap is going to be under tremendous pressure. You may not be able to get it off. If it is threaded, you may damage the threads. If it is held in by a circlip you may not be able to apply enough pressure to get the circlip out. If you can't get the fork cap off you can then go for the damping rod locking bolt. On the bottom of the slider tube is the damping rod locking bolt. Remove this bolt - WARNING! This tube is under great pressure and when you release the damping rod locking bolt, the spring will extending - if you were unable to remove the spring from the fork cap. This will release the fork tube with a tremendous amount of pressure. It will shoot across the shop. You will then be able to pull the fork tube out of the slider tube. Repeat (if necessary) the other tube. Once you have the fork tubes apart you will be able to see what is bent and/or broken.

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  • 7 years ago

    with the additional details added I hope John R looks again for better help.

    I agree that the fork legs are bent, you could try drowning the inside of the legs with WD40 and try to get some down to the bushes below the dust cover and oil seals. Failing that a 'slide hammer' with a fork tube nut drilled and tapped to accept the slide hammer will do the job. You will have to get your hands on a fork tube nut that won't be of use afterwards.

    Feel free to email me by looking at my avatar if you need a 'slide hammer' info and how to make one.

    I hope that has helped....

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