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If one has the permission of the original author, can one publish a fan fiction story? Like, actually publish it? And if, say, you wanted people to still be able to read your fan fiction, are there any websites or the like where it could be published at no copyright expense to the fan fiction writer? If that makes any sense.

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    7 years ago
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    No, you can't. Fanfiction is only to be used as entertainment, no author would give permission for you to use their ideas to make money. My suggestion? If you have a good story, change the character names, twist the plot, and try to stray from the author you're trying to copy. You can publish that, but if you reuse someone's idea, they will NOT give you permission and. THEY WILL sue you.

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    If you had permission from the original author, you could publish. But chances of that happening are very, very, very low. I don't think I've ever heard of that happening except in cases in which the owners of the copyright give permission to an author to write a companion piece (like Rhett Butler's People) or ghost writers (like in the case of V. C. Andrews.) Though those should not be considered fanfiction, as they were composed at the owner of copyright's behest by published authors, not something written and posted originally online.

    If you write a fanfiction for something that is in the public domain, though, you can publish it as it is free to anyone, as long as it's a sequel or prequel and doesn't change the original.

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    7 years ago

    Your problem there is that first "if".

    As far as I'm aware, no writer has _ever_ been given permission by an original author to publish their fanfic.

    Tie-ins and sequels by new authors aren't authorised fanfic. They are commissioned from scratch, from existing, established professional authors. And, just occasionally, writers run competitions where the prize is publication in an authorised anthology. Mercedes Lackey's run at least one for her Valdemar series.

    There are dozens, probably hundreds of sites where you can post your fanfic to share it for free. I don't think I understand your last question. There isn't a commercial publisher in any genre who will cheerfully let you post the work he's paid for the rights for online for free.

  • 7 years ago

    Is your fanfiction based on a TV show/movie? Fanfiction ( is a good website for that. You can post your own stories, with your own plot, based on the characters in the series/movie, using the same names and everything - you won't get in trouble. Best to put a disclaimer somewhere in your story though, saying you 'don't own anything'. People can read your story, review it, and follow/alert it (they get an email when you upload a new chapter). I think you should give it a try. You don't need the owners' permission and it can be properly published and read.

    Source(s): Been on Fanfiction since 2010, starting with writing stories for Wizards of Waverly Place (lol).
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  • 3 years ago

    Fan fictions are like novels. That you can assemble it whatsoever you would like, all of it depends on how you wish to have it. Writing is an artform. But, you might check out some fanfictions on-line and spot how they are doing theirs. You may even get a little concept along the way :)

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