help on what to do with hard drive 10points to best answer that can help?

my hard drive is on its way out and i think it has quite a few bad sectors i know it needs replaceing but is there a program that will find and isolate the bad sectors to make it work just a little bit better till i have the money for a new hard drive oh just in case you need to know the spec is laptop moddle Dell Lstitude D610 its a 32bit system intell (r) pentium(r) M processor 1.73ghz and has 1gb ram ik its not the best system but it dose what i need any hellp would be greatfull


thanks but i already did that its gets to part 5 when it starts to can through free file space and scanning clusters and freezes

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    Click Start>Computer>right click the drive>Properties>Tools tab>Check now, check both boxes, click Start.


    Click Start and type in the search bar in Vista/Win 7

    Command prompt

    Right click Command Prompt in the upper left of the search window and click

    'Run as administrator' (to run with elevated privileges).

    then type this in the command window

    chkdsk /r

    Hit Enter/Return, tap 'Y' then Enter/Return to run the scan at the next boot, type EXIT and re-start.


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