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Verizon Contract Extension?

So when I first got a smartphone, it was one year ago this month. I got an android phone because we had an upgrade. So a couple months ago I bought an iPhone 4, from a 3rd party so I had to pay full price. When I bought it I just turned it on and switched the phones like normal. Well now I would like to buy the iPhone 5, but I don't want to get it from a 3rd party and pay almost $700. I would like to get it through Verizon, and pay the cheaper $200, BUT I don't want to start a new contract. I read somewhere about a contract extension. Would this work? Would they just add on 2 years to my current contract? I've been with Verizon for MANY years now. Thanks for any help.

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    Verizon will probably offer you a new two-year contract to sign under their new "shared" plans, if you aren't already on one. They've been cutting people a lot of slack on their contracts for switching to shared.

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