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Video games male or female territory?

Now this one is sure to stir up some spirits. But seriously?

Originally games were the domain of guys - and ironically women shunned said men as 'anti-social".

Now gaming seems to be mainstream and women tend to think out of the box about it.

...and here's the problem:

There are normal gamers ( who just happen to be female ) who play and don't make a fuss about it, they are your average gamers.

There are the attention seeking GURL gamers - who generally leech of everyone by flailing heir "i'm a girl" in front of horny morons.

And there are the psycho-feminists who see sexism in everything and they try to CHANGE the community to their vision.

Men aren't without fault here either:

- most "old guard" guys are now bitter that they have been misstreated by women, shunned and now they consider video games THEIR territory and won't give it up to women that easily.

- some are general asshats ( make me a ssandwich, go to the kitchen etc )

- some are turned off by bitchy behavior of "GURL" gamers and think all women act like that

And some ( i am one of these ) think that the feminists should get the **** out of video games and stop trying to change everything and just leave it be.

But what do you think?

SECOND QUESTION: Whoever thinks playing video games is fun - what games you play? And why?


@Hannah : "Games are" - as it should be. People are trying too hard to push their PoV in everything these days.

Update 2:

@Richard: You're an idiot.

Update 3:

@Emily i enjoy the rambling xD

Update 4:

@Lynn Bodoni

I usually play as a female character because men are soe sexualized they look like steroid junkies or gorillas.

Check males in World of Warcraft, they have a hunchback they have small feet and huuuuge chest and arms.

Gears of War - the guy is a walking tank, in real life he would fall through the floor if a guy looked like that.

And so on.

Update 5:

@how do you "cyber rape" anyone ? O.o

It's ..uhm...not real...i mean..

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    Video games are territory of people. A lot of women play games, as do men. In the past, yes, women were not the nicest to men who played games. In the past men were not the nicest to women who had jobs. Times change. I do agree that the girls who don't actually play games but pretend they do for attention are annoying, but there aren't that many compared to legitimate gamers.

    I don't like over-feminist women who want games to bend purely to female vision, but as a gamer I personally would just like things to be more realistic. And the industry is going a good job with it! But those few games with giant boobs bigger than a woman's head or slutty armor that is worthless (as in, you might as well be naked because you would die) is a bit annoying. Even a slight change to make the armor cover vital parts but still be sexy would be great! And as far as I can tell, most games these days are catering to that already. It's usually older games that offend.

    As for games I like. I'm a big fan of Skyrim, Oblivion, Dead Island, Fallout 3, Borderlands, and Assassins Creed. A lot more too but i'm rambling.

    EDIT: Hey, vampiric jerk underneath me. Women DO get BS online. I used to play world of warcraft, and I would be harassed. A friend of mine referred to me as "she" and some guys sat there making insulting jokes, telling me I was awful at the game despite my doing top DPS in the group, and refused to go further because they wouldn't play with me. I did nothing other than happen to be female. My friend has had a guy insist he would not tank for the group unless she sent him pictures of her boobs. I had a guy stalk me and follow me around saying gross things and when I blocked him, he made another character and did it again. Women DO get crap. It's a fact. I don't care about your BS opinions, but if you're going to laugh in the face of fact for the purpose of being a jerk, I hope all of your game consoles die and your warranty no longer covers them.

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    Before there were video games, there was pinball. And if I had a few dimes or quarters (many pinball machines took dimes back then) and some free time, you could find me playing a pinball game. I was one of the first people to play Pong. And yes, I am female.

    However, yes, I do see a lot of sexism in games. For instance, look at some of the classics...Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda, Dragon Warrior. The only females in those games were there to be rescued. This got somewhat better as time went on, but the female character is STILL usually a healer or magic user of some sort. I've been looking into Team Fortress 2, and it appears that all the characters are male, except for maybe the Pyro, who seems to be androgynous. And, of course, if I'm playing a multi player game, I usually present myself as male, because if I'm playing a game, I don't want to be constantly hit on.

    Do a little experiment. Start playing a multi player game as a male, and as a female. See which one is more pleasant. Sure, males tend to offer things to females, but the offerings are NOT made innocently. They're made in hopes that the female will engage in some cyber with the male. Now cybering can be a lot of fun, if you're into it, but the thing is, I can get sex in real life. I don't need to cyber to get my jollies.

    And there's also the pathetic losers who will attempt cyber rape. Had that happen a few times, too. Naturally, I reported them and the characters were banned, but I suspect that they were hacked characters in the first place, for the most part. I know that one of the characters was built up, then the player decided to sell it, did a lot of offensive things, sold the character, and the new player had to deal with a lot of bad feelings from the old player's actions. Just another reason why you shouldn't buy characters or pay to have your own character leveled up.

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    First of all, I'm not into the sitting it takes to play a video game for any length of time, and it's not much different than playing monopoly, or poker, then it can either be a quick game, or a long one, and depending on what the stakes are, and how much I have to play with, money and time wise. I enjoy a game of pool, more, because being able to move around. I'm not into the 'contact' sports and playing against men, so if that's what the video game is about then I choose something else. A 'beat the clock' at the grocery store, or something more real life. Let's Make a Deal.

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    i like when girls play games as long as they arent making a big deal of it which i find most dont because it attracts unwanted attention from people like me that realize you cant pepper spray someone over the internet and take full advantage of it also i like oblivion magicka chivalry league of legends age of empires series gta minecraft mass effect assassins creed etc also i miss lots of older games like ultima 6 and red faction and tribes and kings quest

    edit lol at the people arguing above me moral of the story here dont play world of warcraft that game sucks i mean maybe it was good early on but blizzard churns out lots of garbage these days and they have a player base to match i miss their old games tbh everything theyve made since warcraft 3 has been a disappointment to me in some way or another

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    The many developers have always been male aiming at a male audience. Casual gamers may be majority female but hardcore remains male.

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    I think anyone can play games, whenever they want. I don't have any real opinion on this. Games are!

    I like Call Of Duty, FIFA, and Medal Of Honour.

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    It is male territory, as males are the vast majority in that territory, and the whole territory "gaming" is funded by how many males pay for them.

    Things I hate about the whole issue.

    "Women suffer so much on online gaming". Boohoohoo. Anyone that has been a gamer for long enough knows that women get less harshness than most gamers. Every gamer gets insulted due to what group they belong to. If they are foreign, they will be insulted by that. If they are homosexual, by that, if you are a woman, by that, and so many other insults.

    When women think they are the only ones that get this behaviour, or that they even get the worst of it, I simply have to say to them "Then put down the ******* controller and get lost". I am sick of how females think that they are so hard done to when what happens to them is the "exact" same thing that happens to everyone. If they cannot handle what everyone else has to, then do not join it.

    As for gamer girls, ugh, they can be annoying. "I'm a girl gamer. Oh em gee, guys always friend request me when I play. Why do all guys think us girl gamers are sexy girls that sexually play with our controllers?"...I, and most other gamers just sit there with a facepalm thinking "I don't give a fuc*, just play the ******* game. You're a girl, you play videogames. So ******* what?".

    I second the feminist part. Why does it seem that everything that is not mainstream that men have fun with, feminists don't touch it, but when something is mainstream and involves money that most males enjoy doing, they swarm like dung Beatles.

    "Women face so much harshness online"...Everybody does. Every male gamer will be able to tell you that. Not to mention, there is a mute button. That is the point of the "mute" button. You can mute specific players that you do not want to hear that may be insulting you. These annoying people would rather make a big deal about it because they get treated the same as everybody else rather than press the God damned mute button. And then they expect male gamers to respect female gamers?

    Even then, I play with a few female gamers, and I rarely hear them get insulted due to being female.

    Edit, Hey, Emily, moron above me. Where did I say women don't? I said they get harassed just as much as all the other groups in gaming do. They insults thrown to them that fit to what they would be insulted by. If it's a Muslim, they will say something to insult Muslims. If it is a homosexual, they will say things to insult a homosexual. If it is a woman, they will say things to insult women. I never said women don't get hassled, I said they get the "same" treatment as every other gamer, which is being insulted based on what group they belong to.

    As for that little list of things. DPS, DPS is the least of many things you need in games such as that, so there may of been other reasons. Someone saying you are doing terrible when you are doing good does not speak rational to me, and so I need proof of that. I myself when playing the game didn't want to continue with someone that was doing second best DPS. Why? Because they were messing up the tactics, and so on. Jumping right ahead without everyone being ready.

    As for the "made a new character", that has happened to me. It happens to many, not just women. As a matter of fact, this was when I used played WoW. A female NightElf kept following me saying sexual things aswell. I was new to the game, so I didn't think of blocking them until days later.

    Not to mention constantly being told I am a "****** that should such their dick, take it up the ***", and so on many times a day on Xbox live.

    As for the friend thing, that is heresy. I have known a few women to lie about experiences in games to not take that one seriously.

    So like I said, women go through the exact same thing men go through, and any other group. If you cannot handle that, or expect everything to change for "your group" when the same is happening to everyone else, then I have to simply say "Boohoo, princess".

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