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123( )During the 1980’s, Japan’sfast-growing GNP was ________ to be the highest in the world by the year 2000. (A)predict (B)predictor (C)predicted(D)prediction124( )Justin was so ________during his interview that he forgot his own name. (A)confidant (B)nervous (C)arrogant(D)discontent125( )Several small CentralAmerican nations would benefit the most _______ lifting tariffs on textiles andapparel. (A)with(B)in (C)from (D)at126( )Tourism, the mainstay ofthe economy, _________ for about half of Bermuda’s income and provides about 65percent of all employment. (A)accounting(B)accounts (C)accounted (D)account127( )Mr. Bellini fromheadquarters has already _________ in town and will meet with us on Thursdaymorning. (A)arriving(B)arrives (C)arrived (D)been arrived128( )Will you endorse thisproposal before we send it to the boss for ________ ? (A)approve(B)approving (C)approval (D)approved129( )Today, _________ incomputer technology are opening up a new world for telephone systems. (A)advancing(B)advances (C)advanced (D)advance130( )Plans are in ________ tobuild a new school in town next year. (A)progress (B)regress (C)egress(D)congress131( )Belgium’s climate isknown as marine west coast which is _________ of northwestern Europe. (A)essential(B)cynical (C)potential (D)typical132( )Payment is to be received________ 20 days of the statement date printed on the bill. (A)about(B)within (C)at (D)from133( )More than adozen companies offer ________ tours and boat rentals in Lake County. (A)guiding(B)guided (C)guide (D)guides

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    Since you've no answers,the answers have been done for you ,on behalf of you:-(23)C (24)B (25)C (26)B (27)D (28)C (29)B (30)A (31)D (32)B (33)B

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