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Is a maltese the right dog for me?

im 14 turning 15 on march 15th and there is a fifty fifty chance i might get a puppy for my birthday.Im very responcible and helpful etc. my school day is from 7:30 to 2:30 and i wakeup at 6:00 so i would walk it before and after school and before dinner and before bed. i did my research for 3 months now for the right dog so please tell me is a maltese right for me. thanks for your anwsers. :)

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    It really depends where you or your family is getting the puppy from, how that puppy's parents were/are, and if you feel capable of dealing with everything that comes along with a Maltese.

    Here is just a few things to think about

    -Maltese are prone to getting tear stains, especially if they don't come from a reputable breeder, or it is just in their genes from their parents. This CAN be a problem because if you don't wash their face EVERY DAY, they can have a yeast infection build up near the eyes, and can cause severe eye problems.

    -Maltese are prone to getting a collapsed trachea. This can be genetic, or YOU could accidentally make it happen. If you use a leash and collar (regular collar or any kind of collar) and your maltese pulls on the leash like if he tries to run after something or he/she's just a puller when you walk, the pressure from the collar holding him/her back by the neck can cause the trachea to collapse, and in some cases can be fatal. So, you have to invest in a harness AND proper training so your dog doesn't pull can can walk nicely with you.

    -Some Maltese are born with small tear ducts, and might require surgery to make them bigger like a normal size.

    -A lot of Maltese can have separation anxiety. They are so small, and most owners baby them because they are so cute, that sometimes they get TOO attached, so when they don't have a human with them they might get stressed, bark, pee in the house, rip things up, etc.

    -Maltese have a loud HIGH PITCHED bark that just penetrates your ears, and without proper training it can get out of control. It's to the point where if he/she barks near you, it will hurt your ears. It depends what kind of bark they're doing (ie. barking at danger, or barking for attention) because they have different pitched barks.

    -They can be feisty, especially during the puppy stage. You wan't to hold them like a baby and cuddle with them, but they have a different plan, and if you try to force them they will nip at you, unless you know exactly what to do when that happens training wise, it can be a problem.

    -Their hair requires A LOT of work. It's not a coat like most dogs (like a Pomeranian, chihuahua, poddle), it's hair, like humans have. It requires a lot of care. You have to get it trimmed every 6 weeks depending how long you leave it. If it's 2" or longer it requires a lot of care because they can get tangles, and hair breakage too! You have to purchase detangling products and special shampoo/conditioners for this type of hair. If you leave their facial hair long, you have to keep combing it because it can also get tangles, which lead to mats. You also have to comb the hair away from the eyes so they don't get their eyes poked and cause tears. If you decide to cut the facial hair short, you have to keep cutting the hair around the eyes every 2-3 days because when it grows it always grows towards the eyes poking them.

    I would personally suggest getting an adult Maltese from the shelter :). That way, you will get to see what a Maltese is like, but you don't have to go through the toughest stage which is the puppy stage! It might even already be trained, so you will save money in training, and since you don't even have enough time to train it, then it will be less stressful for you :).

    There are organizations like the Americal Maltese Association Rescue that specializes in rescuing Maltese all over the U.S. You can contact them and find the perfect Maltese for you with them :). And you will also feel SO much better about rescuing a cute little Maltese instead of contributing to the cruel practices of pet stores :(.

    Here's some of the really cute Maltese they have currently (or have had in the rescue):

    Goodluck :)

    Source(s): Maltese owner <3
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    Who would let your puppy to go potty while you are at school? A dog needs to be the family pet, not just your pet because everyone needs to cooperate to train and care for the dog.

    Puppies need to be let outside after they nap, eat, drink, and play. You won't be around to let your puppy outside while you are at school, and so you need to make sure the whole family will be involved in the care of a puppy.

    A dog is an animal, not an object that is to be bought as a present. You should tell your parents that the dog should be a family pet. If it is this way, you will not have to worry about who will care for the dog when you are at a friend's house after school and things like that. Everyone can go to a dog training class together and everyone will know how to train and treat the dog (consistency is key for training a dog).

    Also, an adult dog has a larger bladder and can go for a longer time period without needing to be let outside. This is why I would recommend an adult dog for people that are going to be gone for a large portion of the day. With an adult dog, you can see if their personality suits your needs. Do you want a lazy or active dog? An adult has a set personality, where a puppy does not.

    A maltese might be the dog for you, but you should meet several that are up for adoption so you all can agree on the maltese with the personality that you all love. You might find a different breed with a personality that you adore, so keep your mind open and look for the dog with the personality you and your family loves. You have the rest of highschool and college to think about, and your dog will be left at home so your dog will need to be a "family dog."

  • You don't say anything about brushing the dog, or helping potty train it. Maltese have long coats that require frequent brushing and combing, and regular monthly professional grooming to maintain. Otherwise the dog will have to be cut very short. They also grow hair in their ears that requires a professional dog groomer to clean out.

    Maltese are wonderful dogs. However, they can be difficult to potty train (as with any toy breed.) Make sure you are dedicated to helping potty train this dog.

    Also, make sure you purchase from a reputable breeder if that's the route you plan on taking. Maltese are prone to a slew of skin allergies, and a poorly bred one will have skin issues. I've been a dog groomer for years, and cannot tell you how many of these little dogs I've seen who have horrible allergies and skin problems.

    Source(s): Professional dog groomer.
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