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Dog had an allergic reaction to rabis shot?

My dog had an algeric reaction to a rabis shot? HELP HELP HELP HELP?

My dog had an allergic reaction to a rabis shot?

I got my dog a rabis shot and he had a rabis allergic reaction. his eyes are puffy, and he has troubl breathing, He scratching himself. I just notcied that right now. What can I do.

He is breathing really heavy, his face is all swelled up, and his eyes are puffy

HELP what can I do?

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    Give him Benedryl right away to keep his throat from closing and to help with the puffiness. The dosage for Benedryl is 1mg per pound of dog. It's best to use the tablets as you may have to cut them in 1/2 to get the proper dosage.

    Call your vet right now if they are still open. If they aren't their phone recorder should have the number to an emergency animal hospital.

    Make sure you give him the Benedryl as fast as you can. It works wonders. If you don't have any, go to the store right now. Your dogs throat could close if you don't. It will also stop the swelling. He can have Benedryl once every 12 hours. But you should see results pretty quickly.

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    he is in anaphylaxis and will die if he doesn't get benadryl and go to the emergency vet for a shot.

    Get the ingredients list from the injection and pinpoint what exactly in the shot hes allergic too. I.e if hes allergic to egg whites in the shot, you definatley dont' want him eating a food with egg in it.

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    Take him to a vet asap. Administer 50 mgs of benadryl.

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