Why isnt there video surveillance of Adam Lanza in Sandy Hook?

During Columbine, there is video of kids running in the cafeteria, then you see the boys walking by. Also, whats up with the footage from the helicopter of the man running in the woods from Sandy Hook?

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    This was one of my questions exactly. The school (along with the entire district) had just implemented a new security system that included video surveillance. A letter that the district sent to all parents at the beginning of the 2012-13 school year stated in part:

    "Dear Members of our Sandy Hook Family,

    Our district will be implementing a security system in all elementary schools as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure student safety. As usual, exterior doors will be locked during the day. Every visitor will be required to ring the doorbell at the front entrance and the office staff will use a VISUAL MONITORING SYSTEM to allow entry. Visitors will still be required to report directly to the office and sign in. If our office staff does not recognize you, you will be required to show identification with a picture id. Please understand that with nearly 700 students and over 1000 parents representing 500 SHS families, most parents will be asked to show identification." http://www.wtnh.com/dpp/news/fairfield_cty/sandyho...

    Concerning the man in the woods, I downloaded the audio from the police scanner (NOT from any conspiracy theory site or link, but from the legitimate source for radio communications--RadioReference.com). This incident is acknowledged on the scanner audio ("They're coming at me...this is it!") Also, during the media coverage, CBS reported that there was a potential second shooter in custody, and also showed a short interview of an eye witness who said a man in handcuffs wearing camo was walked out of the woods by police and put in the front seat of a nearby patrol car. He motioned with his head in the direction where the man was being held, but the camera did not pan over. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9TYG3MFuQE

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    The main thing that prompted me to start an independent investigation of the Sandy Hook incident was the inconsistencies in the media coverage. First, they reported that only two handguns were used. It was reported that it had been positively confirmed that a shotgun and rifle were taken to the scene, but left in the trunk of the car. (This is also acknowledged on the scanner audio). They even showed footage of an officer unloading and removing a shotgun from the trunk of a car. Later the story was changed to four handguns were found inside, and finally to no handguns were used--only the "long rifle" (AR-15).

    Also, I am a mother of four, and I can't imagine something like this happening to my 4-year old, who is in pre-K. But I also have a son turning 13 this year who has Asperger's, and this really became personal to me when the media referred to Adam Lanza as a "mentally diseased monster." My son has had his moments with social awkwardness, but I know without a doubt that he would not be capable of such a heinous act absent mind control. He is very loving, and has an innocence and naiveté about him that most boys his age seem to lack. However, he probably does have the potential to be easily manipulated.

    So, naturally, what upset me the MOST from the police scanner audio was when one officer says, "Standby. Units in front of the school. We're conducting an interior search at this time." His voice gets progressively quieter as he says this, and at the end, he whispers the word "time." Then he whispers something that sounds like, "End (or take) the life of Adam." This chilled me to the core, and I played it for several people, who could also hear this. I searched the internet, and discovered that other people had found it as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02he0pmp1sM

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    So how does this fit into the official story of the media? If there even was such a person as Adam Lanza (his official photos appear to be layered, and there's no record of him anywhere for the past several years), was he somehow manipulated to be a patsy for this incident? Why was it reported that he shot himself? Why would he have bothered to don a bullet proof vest if he had planned to shoot himself? What was his motive? Too many questions...

    Source(s): Petition to release video surveillance footage from Sandy Hook: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/release-... Obviously, as a mother, I DO NOT care to watch children being shot whatsoever! But we should at least have the right to see this frail suspect approach the front door loaded down with the over 40 lbs of weapons and ammunition/protective gear the media claims he had!
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    Sandy Hook Surveillance Video

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    Sandy Hook Footage

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    @I like Turtles- Asking questions is not at all like slapping the parents and families in the face, I guess you're the type to never question anything because you believe everything anyone tells you, ever. It's a legitimate question, a lot of people also want to see the surveillance video of the Aurora shooting, doesn't make you a conspiracy nut just because you want to see some proof rather than blindly believing the news media, known for lying and cheating. Maybe you are the nut.

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    These are legitimate questions. I personally don't believe in a conspiracy but what would be a more definitive way for skeptics to be silenced then a video of what actually happened? There is a petition you can sign to get the government to release this video.


    As far as the man running through the woods? I have no idea what so ever. Could have been that during the shooting and confusion the police mistook him for somebody who could have been involved. There are a number of scenarios for this that don't point toward a conspiracy. Hope this helps and I encourage you to sign the petition, who knows it may accomplish something, doubt it, but who knows!

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    Among those detained at SHES:

    "1. The initial unknown male who turned out to be a parent with a cell telephone in his hand;

    2. Two reporters located in the woods around SHES, who were held at gun point by Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) police officers until their identities could be determined; and

    3. A man from New York who was working in a nearby town and went to SHES after an application on his cell telephone alerted him to the situation at the school. He drove to the firehouse and went up to the school on foot. He was taken from the scene of the school in handcuffs and later to Newtown Police Department. It was later determined that he did not have a connection to the shooting and had gone to SHES to see what was going on."

    To answer your question regarding why isn't there video suveillance of Adam Lanza:

    "The exterior of the main entrance door way had a call box, buzzer system with a video camera. The call box was installed in 2005. The video camera did not record, but the video could be viewed live on three monitoring systems on the secretaries’ desks in the main office, with no recording capabilities. The electronic unlocking of the front doors was done by using a “key button” on any of the three monitoring systems."

    "As noted above, on December 14, 2012, there was a concern that there may have been more than one shooter. This was based upon a number of factors:

    1. The initial police encounter with the unknown male outside SHES;19

    2. Reports by school personnel during the shooting on a 911 call of seeing someone running outside the school while the shooting was ongoing;

    3. The location of two black zip up sweat jackets on the ground outside of the shooter’s car;

    4. The discovery of an Izhmash Saiga-12, 12 gauge shotgun and ammunition in the passenger compartment of the shooter’s car. A police officer moved this shotgun and ammunition to the car’s trunk for safety purposes;

    5. Shell casings that were located outside of the school; and

    6. The apparent sound of gunfire coming from outside of the school;

    The subsequent investigation revealed there were no additional shooters based upon:

    1. Searches of the area and examinations of local business security surveillance videos;

    2. Persons detained revealed they were not connected to the shootings. In the case of the initial unknown male, he was identified as the parent of a student and had a cell telephone, rather than a weapon, in his hand;

    3. Witness interviews which indicated that no witness saw anyone other than the shooter, with a firearm;

    4. Witness interviews in which it was determined that a number of SHES staff had escaped from the school through a window and had been running outside the school building during the shootings;

    5. The shotgun located in the shooter’s car had been purchased by the shooter’s mother previously;

    6. The two sweat jackets were both C-Sport brand black zip up hooded sweat jackets with no size listed and were located immediately outside the shooter’s car;20 Both are believed to have been brought there by the shooter;21

    7. The live shotgun shells (other than the one found on the shooter and the ones found in the shooter’s car) that were located inside and outside of the school were in locations where first responders had been. Additionally, there were first responders who reported missing live shotgun rounds. Moreover, the shells were found in locations where there had not been reported sightings of any non-law enforcement individuals;

    8. There were no expended shotgun shells found in the actual crime scene nor were any expended 12 gauge shotgun pellets or slugs recovered;

    9. The only expended casings located outside of the school building were 5.56 mm casings located just outside the school’s front entrance, consistent with the shooter’s entry into the school; and

    10. The officer who heard what he believed to be outside gunfire was in a position to have heard the shooter’s gunfire coming from window openings in the classroom in which the shooter was firing.

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    1) ignore gaping plot holes in the latest psyop

    2) accept the unverifiable/unquantifiable statements of "experts"

    3) continue to entertain self to death on a never-ending stream of bread and circuses

    4) enjoy loving crystallization of supranational government

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    it is portability to heartbreaking to show

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    Jesus. Are you one of those conspiracy nuts? Maybe the school didn't have cameras. Maybe they haven't made them public. Anyone who thinks there was a conspiracy is slapping the face of those families that lost someone. Grow a brain, for Christ's sake and learn how to think for yourself.

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      School put in a new security/ video surveillance system in at the beginning of that year. Most other school shootings and other mass shootings have always had footage of some sort made public, example would be columbine, Virginia tech, and the navy yard shooting.

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