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what are these symptoms caused by?

my dog is acting very strange, he barks and growls at every noise and at people besides me and my husband, his eyes are red, puffy and have drainage that cause tear stains. his hair is like literally falling out and thinning, theres dog hair all over me and my house, i can pet him down his back and a hand full of hair come off. hes a pit bull so he shouldnt shed like this especially during the winter. his hair is dull and course. he seems to have mood swings, he will be happy and all over someone one minute and crabby and growling the next, idk whats wrong with him


this question isnt a joke and neither are any of my other questions, this is a serious problem. and he doesnt have rabies or hed be foaming at the mouth. get a life plz

Update 2:

why are you people so hateful??

Update 3:

hes only 2 years old, i got him from someone else in october, they had him in weight pulling, thats all i know, hes got papers but idk where i put them. and hes fixed

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  • 8 years ago

    hi u dont say how old he is a old dog or a rescue. all thease things are pretty normal in a old dog but if hes ypung or stressed this can also be the problem .phone the vets at next possible time and ask for advice .

    Source(s): ex breeder trainer
  • 8 years ago

    The vet can tell you what's causing his symptoms when you finally take your dog for some real help. The vet will know to check his thyroid.

  • 8 years ago

    Umm rabies and this is obviously a joke... like all your other questions

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