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Rate my fantasy team?

This is my roster, it's a 10 man league.

Steven Stamkos - C

Eric Staal - C,LW

Alexander Semin - LW,RW

Scott Hartnell - LW

Milan Lucic - LW

Jeff Carter - RW,C

Shea Weber - D

Jack Johnson - D

Drew Doughty - D

Tuukka Rask - G

Cam Ward - G

Kari Lehtonen - G

I'm thinking I might have overestimated the Canes a bit and I'll probably be shipping off a LW soon, but for now, what do you think?

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    I'm guessing this is a standard head-to-head league, correct? Regardless, yes, you do have too many 'Canes, and this is coming from a 'Canes fan himself! One of the gambles you risk with picking multiple players from any team is that it's hit-or-miss, either you get great production, or worst case scenario is the team gets shutout and Ward lets in 3-4 goals or something like that. Onto your team, though:

    C: Staal, Stamkos are standard picks. Not really a big fan of the Carter pick. Despite their forwards corps, the Kings will always be more of a defensive team, so Carter isn't going to rake in the points that he would in the past with the Flyers.

    LW: Hartnell and Lucic are good picks. Like Lucic especially as he's one of the few players in the league that will get you points as well as PIM (see: Perry, Byfuglien, etc.) Semin is a massive gamble, but he'll start on the first line, so give him some time before making a decision.

    RW: Already covered Semin & Carter above.

    D: Very risky pick in Weber. I personally think that Weber is going to digress a bit now that Suter is gone. Doughty is a strong pick. Jack Johnson I'm really on the fence about. He did well in the few games he had with the BJs last season, but you have to wonder how his production will be affected now that Nash is gone.

    G: Nothing bad to say about your goalie picks. All three will receive the bulk of the starts for their respective teams. Please DO NOT listen to what the guy above said and trade Rask & Ward for "a better goaltender."

    My suggestion is to get rid of Carter, preferably through a trade. Good luck.

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    very good but remember that goalies will end up getting you the most points, think about getting a better goalie. my team is not as good as yours but i have lundqvist, elliot and luongo as my goalies. i am going to trade for a better player. you shoul trade tukka and ward for a good goalie. (dont give up any of your sketers though, they are flawless)

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  • 7 years ago

    wonderful, just wonderful <3

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