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Need help naming Characters?

Need help naming my characters

1st one – she is overbearing , sort of preppy, kinda of that mean cheerleader stereotype , one of the popular girls she tries to be nice but she really isn’t sort of fake . she has light brown blonde hair not dirty blonde darker just strips of blonde. Big brown eyes great body because she is a cheerleader

2nd one – she is best friend with the firsts girl. She is more laid back kinda the sidekick but not as mean she does her own thing not really into sports or cheerleading she loves music great singer and plays a lot of instruments has some trust issues after her father left her family when she was 7 has brown hair brown eyes (cannot be named Jamie )

3rd one- she is a teen mom only has one friend named Justin not many people like her she is labeled slut she has a three year old daughter. Great at sports and really smart and a awesome mom her parents are really never home leaving her with her child and her little sister. She has blonde hair that has brown in it but mostly blonde she has big brown eyes and a beautiful body

Little girl – she is the 3rd ones daughter she is three years old has light brown hair big brown eyes she is so cute and silly everybody loves her

Btw they are all 17 year old

5 Answers

  • 7 years ago
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    Tatiana Sergei

    Karolina Wojtek

    Judith Elepidea

    Eliza Ferris

    Donna Alessandro

    Brittany Heschell

    Kayla Nash

    Madison Belle

    Abigail Kayven

    Isabella Prestlay

    Alexis Koshey

    Sophia Westolle

    Betty Gerhard

    Carla Arturian

    Delores Gino

    Frances Witold

    Judy Folker

    Nina Clements

    Nadia Dawud

    Priscilla Ainslley

    Stacey Farris

    Veronica Anzlem

    Wanda Zbigniew

    Elise Hyatt

    Gail Burrick

    Brooke Padden

    Anna Kaughmann

    Stacey Thompson

    Elaine Kaemon

    Ella Garthay-Davis

    Linnea Gilette

    Rita Brown

    Phyllis Millam

    Hildergard "Hildy" White

    Suzanne Orris

    Stephanie Sostrange

    Sydonie West

    Eliza Wood

    Tara Smith

    Sofia Ginsley

    Marcie Okath

    Desiree Jones

    Elaine O'Caley

    Caroline Rhys

    Abigail Kraig

    Bertha Haafiz

    Carolyne Brette

    Doris Noor

    Ellie Matlandde

    Fuschia Yurik

    Gretta Mitchum

    Heloise Grace

    Inez Juanantonio

    Jessica Hall

    Kaitlyn Reith

    Lymeka Kedem

    Madeleine Galloway

    Noa Shnyer

    Opal Tsaline

    Penelope Stillmann

    Qitarah McCovven

    Rachael Osborne

    Sarah Langford

    Tatanya Birkley

    Una Covet

    Vivica Eaton

    Wendy Yeslin

    Xena Williams

    Yvette Jean-Coll

    Zoë Martin

    Bridget Nelson

    Camille Haines

    Denice Wllies

    Emma MacDowell

    Flora Barnett-Giles

    Grace Yon

    Hildergard Balendin

    Ilay Haute

    Jenna Eldwood

    Kasey Therman

    Lia Belmount

    Mina Irodell

    Nancy Deinorus

    Ophelia Jaggar

    Prudence Rymann

    Queenie Thorne

    Rita Wilder

    Stefany Pickford

    Tiffany Witter

    Ursla Njørd

    Vera Esmond

    Willa Smedly

    Xanthe Lenard

    Yolanda Tyson

    Zora Leric

    Anika Lavan

    Lisa Kerrick

    Stephanie Maddar

    Harper Stronum

    Lily Tack

    Delondra O'neil

    Fira Nilson

    Tina Sawyer

    Eritaña L'avi

    LuLu McElhanny

    Enya d'Andous

    Chloe Edqist

    Zoe Krause

    Ella VanDelori

    Gabrielle deAugmann

    Kathleen Albertine

    Veronica Austin-Gabri

    Kendall-Lee Rice

    Sophia Mack

    Louisa Gertstein

    Freyja Gibbons

    Kelsey Loch-Heimen

    Emmilynn Triss

    Lola Lansky

    Sara Selipsky

    Katie Noon

    Paizley Wille

    Piper Lapsley

    Abby Fith

    Sonja Rapture

    Cicily Green

    Anna Allard

    Xemx "Sun" Qamar "Moon"

    Dora Tann

    Sylvie Sonolie

    Bella Farhann

    Emily Wentte

    Anneka Farscal

    Sarah Liite

    Aude VanTrausselstaufe

    Kyla Crouch

    Zoe Steinberg

    Dani Larutan

    Lauren Roval

    Silver Eulgra

    Eugenia Conn

    Adele Dessin

    Agnes Etienne

    Annie Brown

    Bernadette Gauthier

    Cecile VanTrop

    Julie Pffiefer

    Estelle Olsen

    Diane Koffy

    Lisette DeWitt

    Giselle Andal

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  • 7 years ago

    Angie Noelle

    Stacie Marguerite

    Karen Julianne

    Juliet Diane

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  • Kaydee
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    1. Sophia Rose Hamilton

    2. Kelly Margaret Walsh

    3. Claire Elizabeth Muller

    - daughter: Lyla Grace

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  • lbe
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    1. Aspen Goodyear

    2. Nia Lehmann

    3. Rayelle Orlando

    4. Mariah Orlando

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  • Sonea
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    1) McKenzie Louise Backer "Kenzie"

    2) Amy Sapphire Ferris "Aims"

    3) Julia Marie Clearwater "Julie"

    4) Miriam-Jane Jennifer Clearwater "Miri"

    Source(s): Hope I helped. :) xox
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