points and levels yahoo problem?

every-time i answer a question i don't get 2 points but when i log in daily i get a point and when i ask a question i lose 5 points what is wrong i don't get it why i get everything else but not the 2 points from answering question what do you think is wrong.


and i do press all the buttons and submit it and everything and i do use open questions and then it shows it as a answer and the person can read it and everything but i dont get the points but it does submit just someone help

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  • Rev
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    8 years ago
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    Looks like you haven't actually answered any questions yet.

    If you don't see an Answer Question button when you click onto a question, then the question cannot be answered. It may be in voting or already resolved. You can only answer open questions.

    To answer a question, click the word "Answer" on the green bar near the top of the page, then you can browse questions in all categories or you can choose a specific category.

    You'll notice at the top of the questions list are 3 tabs: "Open", "In Voting", and "Resolved". Choose "Open" for questions that you will be able to answer.

    When you click on a question you will see a blue "Answer Question" button. Click on that, type in your answer, and click "Submit".

  • 8 years ago

    Not really possible but you can check by clicking the "My Activity" tab and scrolling down to see "Activity Details" where it shows you a list of your most recent points activity.

    You should see for example:

    You answered a question 2 points (14 hours ago) View Question...

    Thanks for visiting! 1 point (45 minutes ago)

    You voted for a best answer 1 point (9 minutes ago) View Question...

    You asked a question -5 points (1 day ago) View Question ...

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Maybe if you answer a question, you always forget to click on the continue button then SUBMIT.

    Source(s): Experience. It happened to me.
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