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is there such thing as the word Hamach in the hebrew language?

i had this dream iwhere these hebrew dudes told me it, and they either said it meant love or peace. is this a real hebrew word?

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    Not that I know of... you might have been exposed to the word Hamas which is an Arabic terrorist organization.

    Similar words in Hebrew:

    Hamo-aCH - "the brain"

    He-aCH! - like "hip hip horey!"

    Sa-meh-aCH - happy

    ("CH" like J in Spanish, or clearing your throat before a spit)

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  • 3 years ago

    The old testamnet is written in Hebrew and Aramaic. The Hebrew word YHWH (no vowels are ever given to this word so the pronunciation isn't clean) sort the backside for the call Jehovah and is chanced on quite frequently interior the Bible. If the JW's translated from the unique Hebrew they might comprehend that. on condition that they declare in any different case, one might desire to question their validity. the only way they might in all probability say what they do, is that in the event that they anticipate that all and sundry Bibles are translated from the Vulgate, a Latin Translation produced by potential of Jerome interior the 5th cent. right here the will no longer locate the word Jehovah on condition that Jerome used yet another Greek word in its place.

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