How has Russia maintained its boarders?

What I mean specifically is how has Russia kept anyone (barring a few rare exceptions) from taking their land on the southern and eastern boarders? Nowadays I understand it's from mutual agreement for countries to not conquer each other, but what about a couple hundred years ago?

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    How has Russia maintained its boarders?


    Russia had to fight !!!!.....or like in case of Tatar-Mongol invasion and Tatar yoke that lasted 1240- 15-16 centuries for 300 years (when Russia was a vassal state within Muslim Golden Horde Khanate) - it was that Russians rebelled and captured the capital of their Golden Horde ocupants (Kazan) - as a result the occupants became vassals of Russians for a change .... now they (ex-occupants) happily reside in 2 republics - Tatastan and Bashkortostan - both republics are parts of Russian Federation - thats easy...Also they in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan (both republics are muslim) enjoy now the higherst level of life (highest Iliving standards) in muslim world (exept for Gulf states ofcource)...

    Another way to keep invaders asway -is to permit them to capture Moscow, but to put it on fire the day before invaders come (Napoleon) - so invaders come, but then realise that there is nothing to eat, very cold and everything burnt down to ashes - they start to send letters to Russian Tsar like with suggestion of peace on their conditions, but Rusians just don't respond - it is getting colder, they send one more letter (Napoleon did) - no reponse...after the third letter was not answered they (french) realised stupidity of the whole enterprise and started to withdraw - on the way back they lost 95% of their Grand Armee that simply perished due to frosts, absence of food and Russian guarillar attacks...something like that....Various methods exist to maintain borders of such a country as Russia....

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  • 8 years ago

    A war every 50 years or so.

    Starting with the most ancient history when eastern slavs had to fight Hazars, then Pechenegs, then Cumans, Poles, even Hungarians, then Mongol horde invasion, German crusades from the Baltics and Swedish raids simultaneously. When the Mongol yoke was broken, they had to fight with the remnants of the horde from Kazan, Astrahan, Crimea, also Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Sweden and remnants of the German crusaders in the Baltics. Then there were Crimeans Tartars, Ottoman Empire, Poland, Prussia, Napoleonic France, French and British Union, World Wars, Cold War and its proxy wars, and so on.

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    Because Russia was a large expanding empire. Its population was greater than that of surrounding countries so it always had the upper hand.

    Most of its neighbors it conquered, including annexing half of Finland, the tiny nations of the Caucasus mountains, snatching regions like Azerbaijan from Persia, and conquering the nations of central Asia like Uzbekistan.

    It didn't have any rivals in the region except for the Ottoman Empire in the south-west which it clashed with several times.

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