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tools and materials for making

請給我一些(十分多)的例子關於‘tools and materials for making things’

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    Tools and materials

    If you want to make things as a hobby in craft work, the two common craft types are paper craft and decorative craft.

    The tools and materials below are for making things in paper crafts and some decorative crafts.

    Craft Paper


    Tracing Paper

    Silver or Gold Art Paper


    Soft Pencil & Eraser

    Pencil Sharpener

    Sticky or Masking Tape

    Glue Stick and Strong Glue

    Coloring Pencils

    Wax Crayons

    Felt-tip Pens

    Chalk Pastels

    Paint Palette

    Acrylic Paints

    Watercolor Paints

    Paint Brushes


    Short & Long Ruler

    Fountain pens .

    Bits and Pieces - Washers, press studs, sequins, threads, rope, paper fasteners, ribbon etc.

    Craft knife

    Bath or Kitchen Sponges

    Craft Paper Punch

    Round Sticker labels and punch hole stickers

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    -----The tools and materials for making (things)-------

    hammer--mallet hammer;eg:Hammer and sickle are tools representing the people who work in industry and farming.

    screw-driver---is a tool for turning screws.

    saw----chainsaw, circular saw,coping saw, Fretshaw, hacksaw, handsaw:- is a tool that has a long blade with sharp points along one side of its edges.

    garden tool-----rakes, spade, shovel, lawn mower,(mower), sprinkler

    cutting tool is pliers for wire cutting, with others of penknife,scissors..

    power e-drill are driven by electricity to drill through something.

    sprit level connected with laser-beam line level.

    A box with a lid for keeping tools in is called a tool box.

    vice=vise=A vise is used to hold an object firmly while work is done on it---a vise-like firm grip

    Hence for carpenter's tool:-chisel, clamp, drill, file, hack-saw, hammer, mallet, pliers, power-drill, saw, vice, wrench.etc.

    Hence for gardening tools:-lawn-mowersickle, spade etc.

    Hence various other tools:-axe, bellows, chopper, crowbar, cutter, hatchet, ladder, level-sprit level, penknife, spanner, tongs,tweezers etc.

    A tool for every job;you'll have to look up yourselves.

    Select the right tool for the job.

    Material can be found in compost bin in Garden/Yard.

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    This computer program gives manager a valuable planning tool.

    Something necessary or useful for doing one's job.

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