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Chemistry Bonding Question?

Which one of these polar covalent bonds would have the greatest percent ionic character?

H - Br

H - Cl

H - F

H - I

Can you also explain WHY? It's not part of the question, but I do not understand the concept and want to know how you arrived at the answer.

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    The classifying of bonds as either "ionic" or "covalent" is like looking at an Ansel Adams photograph and missing all the shades of gray that make it art. With bonding there is a whole range of shades of gray, so to speak, between the two ideal bond types. Ionic bonds and covalent bonds are ideal bonds. Real bonds have characteristics of both types. The electronegativity difference, ΔEN; gives us an approximation of the position of the bond along the continuum.

    Percent ionic character = 100[1 - e^(-ΔEN²/4)]

    The bond with the greatest ionic character will be the one with the greatest electronegativity difference. That will be in the H-F bond.

    ============== Follow up =================

    Subitha completely misses the connection between bond polarity and the percent ionic character in a bond. The greater the ionic character, the greater the bond polarity. This statement is completely wrong, "Ionic character is more for HI."

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    H-F is more polar because flourine is most electronegative. So the charge difference will be more and the polarity also will be more. Ionic character is more for HI

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    It would be HF because the electronegativity difference is the largest (since fluorine has the highest electronegativity)

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