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Ways for a PF/Center to improve their game?

I play Center on my HS team. The season is over for me now. I want to now start working out for the Spring AAU team. What are some drills/exercises/workouts for a center to improve my game. I'm good at rebounding but Want to improve my offense and defense. Thanks Alot.!

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    I think you want to start by making a choice. Do you want to be a full fledged center, or a power forward/a hybrid PF/C? If you wanted to be a true center, then you'd primarily work on things like posting up, footwork and post moves, rebounding, boxing out and fighting for position (whether it's on the block or for the rebound), and contesting/blocking shots (interior defense basically). Some more advanced stuff might include learning how to hedge on screens and defend the pick and roll better, working on your defensive rotations, and advanced post moves. Like any player, you should work on your free throws.

    If you want to be more of a power forward or a hybrid PF/C, then do all of the things above - but include a mid-range jump shot; it's sort of a must these days for a power forward. Bonus points if your range stretches out to 3pt range...but it's honestly not that important, and not worth working on over the more essential skills. Oh, and making the nice pass to an open man is a plus.

    Apart from skillset training, all I can advise you to do is to get stronger, cut fat, work on your explosiveness, agility, and basketball IQ.

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    For defense you need timing for blocks and don't foul. If you can't block the shots get a hand in your mans face.

    Rebound well and get good post moves like basic post hooks.

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    shooting skills and move to pf

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