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Where do I download normal version of Adobe Photoshop CS6?

This problem has been bugging me for some time now. Whenever I click "try" for the Photoshop CS6 - not the extended - it directs me to the download page for the extended version instead - "Download a free trial of Photoshop CS6 Extended".

Further to that, everything seems fine with the Photoshop CS6 dmg after download from the Download Assistant, and when installed, the app is indeed name "Photoshop CS6" and not "Photoshop CS6 Extended", however, when opened, the app's loading/credits screen becomes the the extended version's.

Anyone else have had this problem? I used to think that this was caused by the 13.0.3 update, and now that the 13.0.4 update is here, I assume that this problem is solved now. BUT, as written previously, the download page is still incorrect - however, I'm not sure of this. Though, I really don't want to download the whole thing again, only to be disappointed by the same result, so if anyone has any confirmations or answers for my question, that would be great. No, awesome! :[)


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    Well the only Photoshop free trial that Adobe offers is Extended

    Extended has everything, don't worry

    But if you don't want everything, then when you purchase the Standard version instead, the Extended features will just turn off

  • Nahum
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    7 years ago

    Supposing you're downloading from Adobe, they only offer the Extended edition for trial. When you purchase the license, the program disables the additional Extended-only features if you didn't buy the Extended license. When it comes to the basic features, Photoshop operates the same either way.

    I suppose it would just be more mess for them to offer a separate trial for the regular version.

  • B K
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    7 years ago

    The trial version is CS6 Extended only.

    Extended is exactly the same as standard, except in extended you have additional 3D content editing, and additional forensic analysis functionality.

    When you buy the software, and you pay for the regular (standard) licence, and you register the software by putting in your licence key, your copy will revert to the standard version.

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