What is the value of a Medical Writer in pharmaceutical Industry.?

What is the value of that profession and future of the profession.

Do medical writers do Quality Assurance type of work for medicine or any other things in pharmaceutical company.

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    I have been a medical writer for the pharmaceutical industry since obtaining my first medical writing job with Wellcome in 1995. I was a postdoctoral scientist no previous experience of writing for the pharmaceutical industry and during the interview my scientific knowledge and problem solving abilities were examined in more depth than my medical writing.

    For example, if the prospective employer requires up to one year of medical writing experience, do not be disheartened. They may be quite willing to consider someone with suitable or related therapeutic area knowledge as this can also be an important aspect for some projects.

    Some adverts may not specify a therapeutic area. Nowadays most companies advertise therapeutic area expertise on their websites.always check it out. You never know, their expertise might match your own! Don’t be afraid to call the employer to discuss the merits of your application and sell your therapeutic area knowledge.If you are a bench scientist, can you provide copies of your own scientific publications to support your writing abilities? If the potential employer is asking for pharmaceutical industry as well as medical writing experience, can you gain this in another way?

    Think about other, perhaps temporary, writing-related jobs. By accessing writing support jobs like quality control of document content, you can be exposed to an element of proofreading and editing as well as familiarising yourself with the content of pharmaceutical industry documents. If you do manage to obtain one of these jobs, take advantage of any training opportunities that may arise and keep any certificates or a list of the courses you attended. Be sure to add them to your CV to impress the next employer. Attention to detail is often one of the necessary skills cited by an employer. The accuracy of document content is an important aspect of medical writing .

    If you are in the process of applying for your first medical writing post, please do not be discouraged by the requirement of "suitable experience." From my own understanding, there are not enough people to fill all the posts being advertised and like most chosen career paths, to make your aspiration a reality, some forward planning and extra effort will pay enormous dividends.

    Medical writers work for a variety of healthcare industry employers including pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, publishing companies of medical textbooks, government healthcare institutions, and more. Some medical writers work as freelancers or contractors as opposed to being a full-time employee of any one medical company. Freelancing is common for writing jobs, because many healthcare corporations and facilities have needs for content or copy that is project based, to roll out a new product, market an event, or some other type of project. Writers may work in an office setting or home office.

    Compensation and Demand for Medical Writers:

    Sue Hudson, immediate past president of the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) states "The need for qualified medical writers continues to grow as scientific innovation continues and people become increasingly interested in learning more about their own health."

    Educational Requirements for Medical Writers:

    Medical writers should have at least a bachelor’s degree, while most have a master’s degree or higher level of education. It’s helpful to have a degree in a life science or communications/journalism field, but not necessarily required.

    Where to Look for Medical Writing Jobs:

    Medical job boards, or freelancing job boards may offer medical writing jobs. Also, if you go directly to company websites of companies in the medical industry, you may find medical writing jobs posted there. Medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and biotech firms often need medical writers. Additionally, professional writing associations, networks, and groups, including online networks, may post jobs for medical writers. There are several groups on LinkedIn, and on Facebook, for example, for writers.

    Employers of Medical Writers:

    Melanie Ross, a medical writer and spokesperson for the American Medical Writers' Association (AMWA), states "Medical communicators work in many types of organizations. Some people specialize in technical, medical and scientific writing and/or editing for medical professionals. Others work in medical marketing, advertising, or public relations, or in journalism, writing for a lay audience and/or medical professionals."

    She shared that some common employers and clients of medical writers include professional associations, research organizations, media (magazines, TV/radio stations, newspapers, internet companies), medical journals, and universities, among others. Medical facilities, managed care companies, pharmaceutical companies, and medical communication companies also need medical writers.

    Source(s): College Career Instructor
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    I live in USA for 25 years. It is a Third World country that is deep in debt and is acting as a first world. It's pharmaceutical industry is extremely greedy and corrupt and its government as well, is corrupt to the bone, big time. Its services are unintelligent and are failing. The best way is - LEAVE it A.S.A.P. Move to a normal country. I'm trying, too! I'm stuck here so far!

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