Why does my boyfriend talk about my friends?

I have a guy bestfriend that my boyfriend always talks about he says "He's ugly" or "He's a lame why do you talk to that guy" or "who irons their jeans and puts creases in them? " I'll admit he is kinda nerdy but he always tries to diss him or laugh at him. Its not only with my best friend either any other guy he always says something they do is lame or that they're lame. I feel like I need to defend him but I don't want him to think I like him. He always say "I don't have to get jealous because all your guy friends are lames" Its like he has to insult any guy I talk to. Why does he do this?

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  • TB
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    8 years ago
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    He's threatened by them because they occupy some of your time and they could be the lamest people even but deep down he is a bit jealous. He should also respect who your friends are, I guarantee you that some of his friends are lamer then your guy friends will ever be.

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