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I need a laptop for school $400-$500 Max?

I need a laptop for school $400-$500 Max it doesn't need to be top of the market, just at least a 14" screen and enough power to run programs like photo shop and light games like minecraft and such. also the smaller in width and lower weight the better

also I am in Canada so it wold help if links are from Canadian website

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  • 7 years ago
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    well, toshiba's are pretty good.

    here is a link where i found something in your case. got the same, works great, and minecraft works fine. a good computer and lasts long. (mine lasted for 3 years and still works) although it's not the best latpop for gaming. i will get the alien ware for gaming which is much more expensive. but make sure you're not going to regret it after you get your choice, because gaming can get addicted that you want to get a laptop for gaming. there is also dell that makes some cheap computers that's good for school, and alright for gaming.

    hope you will get what you want.

    Source(s): my experience!
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  • 7 years ago

    If you don't need nothing special, just go out to the store and buy one. You don't really need to dive deep into specific hardware for a school computer.

    There is nothing special about a school computer.

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