Line spacing help Word 2007?

When i press enter on word, like to go to a different paragraph, the spacing between the paragraphs is too big. It says it's at 1.0 but it's definitely not the "regular" spacing. How can I put them closer together? I tried going to line spacing options but that didn't work.

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    8 years ago
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    The default paragraph spacing in Word 2007 and 2010 adds 10 points after each paragraph. This is approximately the space of one line. There is a reason for this and a couple of ways to avoid it.

    What we do in every other word processor is to press Enter twice after a paragraph. The first Enter ends the paragraph and the second one adds a one line space between paragraphs. The problem is that this is more than a simple return. Word stores a lot of information about the paragraph, even thought the paragraph is nothing more than a return, in the return and in a very long document, all these extra returns add to the size of the document.

    Now the cure. A list or address block can appear to be double spaced although it is not. Highlight this area and on the Home tab, Styles group, click on the No Spacing style icon. If you wish to change the paragraph formatting to what it was in previous versions, on the Home tab, Paragraph group, click on the dialog launcher arrow in the bottom right and remove the 10 points after each paragraph and click on Set As Default.

    EDIT: Shift-Enter gives you a manual line break. The new line is not a new paragraph, it is part of the paragraph above hence no space is added between lines. Any paragraph formatting that you add in this area will apply to all of the area because it is one paragraph.

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  • 8 years ago

    Not really sure about Word 2007. I have Word 2010.

    Mine does that too. What I do is, hold down the shift key

    and hit enter and it goes right in under the line.

    Maybe that will work on your 2007 also.

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  • 4 years ago

    that's with the help of the fact there is a few After paragraph spacing linked to that paragraph style. There are 2 the thank you to repair it. the least confusing is to alter to the No Spacing style this way: a million. choose the paragraphs you like to alter. CTRL/A will choose the full checklist. can no longer tell if that's what you like or no longer. 2. click the homestead tab on the Ribbon. 3. interior the varieties team, click the No Spacing style. that could desire to do it for that checklist and for any further paragraphs began interior the checklist. wish that enables.

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