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help on my psychology essay question?

"To what extent can (and should) psychology focus on unobserved processes?"

i had in my mind that i'll have to argue that psychology is a science, but i'm not sure if this is right?

Any help please!

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  • Grassy
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    8 years ago
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    Find information about the Markov models.

    These models can be used to study unobserved processes and together constitute statistical methodologies. Use an application of Bayesian inferential methods applied to these methodologies.

    Bayesian approaches to causal inference in experimental and quasi-experimental settings are interesting. In the experimental setting, use of Bayesian informative hypotheses to guide the testing of causal claims.

    In the quasi-experimental setting, focus your research on applications and developments in Bayesian propensity score modeling and Bayesian model averaging as a means of improving causal estimands.

    Collaborative research involves applications of advanced quantitative methodologies to problems in educational psychology, human development, and international comparative education.

  • Hi Brodie,

    To answer you question Psychology can be classed as a science because it uses research methods that can be replicated. like any other area of study such as biology and and physics.

    Hope this helps


    Counseling Tutor

  • lazo
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    5 years ago

    Face the data: people' theory of facial features Heh, a splash wordy, yet i'm confident you utilize it for some style of suggestion. EDIT: Oh, darn. somebody have been given it till now me. Hmmm... "approximately Face: people' theory of facial features"

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