Which Credit card should I apply for?

I currently bank with CHASE. I banked with them since 2007, I've had a credit card with chase in the past and being young and stupid I closed my account because I felt I had too many cards. Long story short I haven't used credit cards for last 2 years and before that I had some that were delinquent and got closed down, I settled they're paid now and accounts are closed. I have gotten a new card from Capital One 4 months ago and I have a auto loan for 48 months and I'm at the last 4 months from paying the car off. Shoud I get an other credit card and which sould I apply for? I have a 615 credit score

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  • 7 years ago
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    Do not apply for any more credit.

    More than one credit card does not help one bit.

    A mix of credit is 10% of your score.

    You already have a car loan and a credit card.

    Plus, a new card will lower your score for the first 6 months.

    So... this can only do damage to you.

    Did you know that a paid off car loan reports positively for up to 10 years after pay off?

    Never try to delete or remove that item.

    With that credit card you have.

    Make sure you use it wisely. I hope you are not carrying balances.

    This can only destroy credit - easily.

    I hope you are paying in full each month to develop your credit nicely.

    With that car, all you need is 1 years of payments to show history.

    You can pay that off early if you want.

  • Peter
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    7 years ago

    you should be looking on price comparison web sights , and if you do apply for a card do it by phone so as you can ask for a quotation search , not a credit record search this way it does not show up on credit reports with the three main agency's .

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