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What is the difference between these AR-15 rifles?

The original model m&p 15 rifle and the m&p 15 sport and m&p 15 ORC. Also i'm familiar with the colt m4 carbine (and m16) being in the national guard so i'm looking to get an AR that is most similar to that.

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    The original model is the civilian version of your M4. It has a collapsible stock and the fixed A2 style steel front sight, and all the bells and whistles such as forward assist, ejection port dust cover, etc.

    The sport version is a minimalist version of the original. It has the collapsible stock and A2 front sight, but does not have a forward assist or an ejection port dust cover.

    The ORC stands for "optics ready compliant." It is the same rifle as the original M&P15, but instead of the gas block with the integrated A2 style steel front sight, it features a gas block with a picatinny rail on the top. On A2 style front sights, the front sight post can block part of the view through a red dot sight or similar, although this is rarely a problem. The ORC will eliminate any risk of this, and you can put a flip-up front sight (such as the Magpul MBUS) on the gas block to allow you to use iron sights when you want to.

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