Is my friend's wife giving me signals?

I am friends with this couple. Typical suburban couple, 2 kids and it looks like they have the perfect relationship. They work together and always seem so close. The thing is most times when I drop by to check him out she will always come out to chat also.

They live near by so when I am out for a run and I see them in the porch they will call me over for a cup of coffee or something. Sometimes she is in just a nightie and she will bend over and her breasts are in full view, I try to look away but I have to confess I have seen.

Once the three of us were at a party and as I did not have a date that night and I am sure I felt her hand briefly holding mine.

Once in front of her hubby she was complaining that he does not take her anywhere and "joked" that she and I should go see a movie together.

Maybe its nothing and just an indication really that she feels comfortable around me. But then again I have to confess I find her quite attractive. I will never make a move on her but I am just curious if she senses my attraction to her and is having some fun with that.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You need to get away. Because you can destroy a family out of lust. Just think twice before you do things.

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