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all beings are teachers in Buddhism can mara be a teacher without knowing. he tells us what not to do right?

is mara a teacher a master in the art of Buddhism because he tells us,show us the negative path and we know the right path.


mara is hard to translate but lets call him satan of the mind and spirit and actuality.

Update 2:

what I mean is we see the wrong in mara and we change our path in so mara teaches

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    Yes, Mara is a teacher if we have mindfulness. Besides being the master of illusion who attempted to prevent the Buddha from attaining enlightenment at Bodhgaya, Mara has a number of psychological aspects.

    There are four maras (Skt. catvāri māra) in the Mahayana, which are the four types of obstructive forces or 'demons' which create obstacles to practitioners on the spiritual path. It is important to understand that they have no inherent existence and are only dependent upon ones mind.

    1. the mara of the aggregates (Skt. skhandamāra), which symbolises our clinging to forms, perceptions, and mental states as ‘real’;

    2. the mara of the destructive emotions (Skt. kleśamāra), which symbolises our addiction to habitual patterns of negative emotion;

    3. the mara of the Lord of Death (Skt. mṛtyumāra), which symbolises both death itself, which cuts short our precious human birth, and also our fear of change, impermanence, and death; and

    4. the mara of the sons of the gods (Skt. devaputramāra), which symbolises our craving for pleasure, convenience, and ‘peace’.

    The root of all demons is the mara of the aggregates, which is basically clinging to a self.

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    Who's Mara?

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    No. Buddhism isn't about negative paths etc, it is about ending the cycle of suffering etc to put it very simply.

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    When the mind is open, even a stone is guru.

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