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Police Departments Question?

So, I have been searching for a long time around the internet and been trying to do as much research as i can about becoming a police officer, in different cities, however, nothing beats first hand knowledge. I have been looking at a couple of cities/areas. First has been the Baltimore Police Dept. and i know a lot of people are going to be telling me not to do it because of the ratio with crime rate/salary, etc. etc. but what is it like now?(all the information i have read on the internet including here has been like 2+ years ago) they say to go to the Baltimore County PD but it doesn't appear to be recruiting at the time. Plus my family just moved down there.

I am from Boston and would love to be a BPD but being any type of government job here in the city or area is a huge hassle with residency, radius, and all other types of hoops to jump through. The other police force would be the San Antonio PD, as much as i would like to stay on the east i would be willing to move for work, However i can't really find online to many pro's and con's about the police force or crime etc. i know nothing about that area.

Then the other places i would like to become a cop is in Colorado, Aurora, Denver, etc. however, when looking at the requirements you need to be pre-P.O.S,T. certified?

So if someone can give me a answer to some of the questions, from personal expierience, that would be greatly appreciated!

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    Go where you want to be at.

    By the writing you have done considerable researching.

    Sounds to me you say would like too: Boston But residency? Once you apply you will have to b a resident, it is not like people from other states do not apply?

    I grew up in Washington State and Seattle area, so it was logical to apply to eithe Seattle PD or King County Sheriffs and I chose both for testing and was accepted as a Deputy back in 1965. Retired in 1986. So i would recommend an area you are familiar with, but; then came to Alabama and took a Job with the Sheriffs Department here 1987 and retired again 2007.

    Where ever you want to go to go.One thing nice about olice work, it is generic, same patrol, seek and find situations where ever you are at.

    Good Luck

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    Here ya go. Click the link at the bottom of the page for all the requirements.

    SAPD is just like any other big city PD with its ups and downs. From what I have seen, they pretty much reject all applicants the first time they apply, apparently to see how bad they really want it. The dept has its share of politics at the higher levels. The officers working districts are pretty tight.

    Recommend you be in good physical condition, esp. if you are doing PT in the summer here, it will be HOT. Also review whatever info you can find on police assessment boards. And do not leave ANYTHING off your application. They will find it on the background check, and disqualify you for life: every address you ever lived at, every job you ever had, etc. Police background checks are very thorough.

    Source(s): Live in San Antonio, retired from a neighboring PD.
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    I applied to what felt like every city and county in my state over the course of three years before landing a job. Don't be picky about where you're working, just get your foot in the door somewhere. You may even find you're not going to get hired at all due to your background. The process is very lengthy and you're going to fail in your journey for a police job far more times than you will succeed. Apply where the jobs are (anywhere) and just get hired. Worry about a dream department later.

    Source(s): Police Officer, Washington State B.A. Law and Justice
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