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I went to climb Apple Hill yesterday. I needed to spend much power on climbing

the hill.


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    ---Error and correction------

    (1)I went to climb (the) Apple Hill (=The Alps?) yesterday.

    As I climbed higher, the air became thinner!

    (2)I needed to spend much energy (Not power)

    on the climb. (Not on climbing the hill....)(No need to repeat word Hill.)

    Or go climbing as a sport.

    (3)It's an exhausting climb.

    It's a three hour's climb to the summit.

    Can I climb down?

    Hope you're successful.

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    第二句sentence改為adv. phrase.(modifier of climb.)成一句:

    I went climbed the Apple Hill yesterday spent much power on it.

    *整件事己過去, 宜用(爬咗).....(消耗咗).



    * to~verb=infinitive宜用來表達 : 想去做而未做

    *如被問到那段時刻你在哪?宜用:I went to climbing the Apple Hill yesterday.

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    I went to climb the Apple Hill (Apple Mountain, The Alps) yesterday. I had to summon the energy to finish the climb.

  • 8 years ago

    This sentence is Correct.

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