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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 7 years ago

bored , boring, boredom 這三個單字

bored , boring, boredom 這三個單字 有什麼不一樣???


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  • 7 years ago
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    1. bored (形容詞) 無聊的.無趣的

    !!!注意!!! 主詞要用"人", 因為"人"才會感到無聊,才會有感覺

    He is bored with the game. (他對這場遊戲感到無聊)

    So bored am I that I have nothing to do. (我無聊到沒事可做)

    2. boring (形容詞) 令人感到無聊的 (等於 boresome)

    !!!注意!!! 基本上主詞用物品或事情. 甚麼樣的東西/事情令人感到無趣


    The game was boring. (這比賽很無聊)

    You made it boring. (你把這事情搞得很無趣)


    表示某人"非常乏味"--> 算是帶有不禮貌的意味!

    You are such a boring man. (你這人真是無聊透頂了!)

    3. boredom (名詞) 無聊,無趣

    The whole class is full of boredom. (整堂課都充滿著無趣)

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  • 7 years ago

    Bored - 形容詞; 意思是自己覺得無聊. 簡單例句: I am bored because there is nothing I can do. (因為沒事做, 我覺得好無聊)

    Boring - 形容詞; 意思是令人覺得無聊/無趣的. 簡單例句: I am boring. (我很無趣) 或 I find him boring. (我覺得他很無趣)

    Boredom- 名詞; 意思是無聊. 簡單例句: He suffered from boredom at home because he lived alone.(他在家裡很無聊, 因為只有他自己一個人) Boredom can drive a person crazy.(無聊沒事做可以讓一個人發瘋)

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