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Thank you for your cookies. I like them very much, they taste devine,haha xd

I had a wonderful afternoon with the cookies and a cup of good tea just like you suggested . I really appreciate !


謝謝喔 ^_^


我有點想加"謝謝妳每一年都有買給我" 因為她每年都記得買給我餅乾;)


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    ---Error and correction in English Grammar---

    ----Thank you for your cookies.

    As you're mom's colleague in the Company,

    I fully appreciate it and

    value the gift's taste over a period of time.

    I accept this gift in appreciation of all you've given for us.

    It is a work of food-art!

    They taste devine as if coming and sending from God!

    I had a wonderful afternoon with mom with the cookies and cups of Ceylon tea just as you suggested!

    I fully appreciate it again!

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