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英翻中 (合約內容 - 極短!)

OK, Panda對合約翻譯完全沒輒, 請達人協助…別想用翻軟來呼巄我 = - = 20點附上:

Both parties agree that if there is any alternative approach, which serves better for the Purpose as stated in the Section 2(A), the parties will forthwith negotiate on such approach in good faith and enter into certain definitive agreements so that the Purpose can be achieved to the satisfaction of the parties. 3Q!


To Tom,

I need it in Chinese for work!

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    1. Purpose: 在法律中,for the purpose的用法多為指條文中的「章、節、條款」,這裡大寫應該是專指Section 2(A), 章節2(A)裡頭陳述的內容。

    2. Good faith: 通常會使用拉丁文"Bona Fides",有誠懇(sincere)、有信(honest intention or belief)、公平(fair)不去損害合約對方應的利益的內涵。

    3. Definitive Agreements: 針對此交易(商業、買賣或購併)明確訂立各項細部條款的最終協議,雙方簽訂此合約後才會開始結案(closing),有別於備忘錄(MOU)、意向書(LOI)、或條款清單(Term Sheet),後三者都是記載主要條款的法律文件,經常是無最終法律效力的(non legal binding)

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    ---All explanations are self-explanatory in English only:-

    Answer:-If both parties had a better alternative to back-up 2(A) will choose that option.

    2013-01-18 12:22:09 補充:

    THX.A simple life-style explanation!

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    雙方同意,如果有任何替代的方法,它是作為目的為更好地指出在部分 2 (a),締約方將隨即對這種做法有誠意談判和輸入到某些確定的協定,以便可以滿意的締約方達到目的。

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