This Robbie Parker guy (if that;s his real name) comes out smirking laughing joking.... after his daughter Emile was supposedly shot and killed by Lanza in the Sandy Hook School???? Subsequently, his daughter Emile and his family was seen ALIVE meeting with Pres. Obama after the shooting.... Unfricken believable!!!

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The more and more REAL information I find out about the shooting, the more my BS detector goes off.... anybody else feel the same way?

It all seems REALLY fishy to me...Especially,,, The FEMA training exercise that was held on the same day at the same exact time where the shooting took place!!!!

Bridgeport, CT. 12/14/12 9am - 4pm called "Planning for the needs of children in disasters.... unfricken believeable!!!

Did you know that there were military training exercises also being held during 9/11 World Trade Center called (Vigilant Guardian) and 7/7/05 London Subway Bombings?? That's RIGHT.... military training exercises being held (war games), to try and prevent what had actually occurred on the same day of the attacks!!! Unfricken believeable!!!! There's absolutely NO coincidence now...

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  • Jim B
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    8 years ago
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    I'm not sure which One I Trust the least, but I don't trust either. From the Smirks on Obama's double talking face to the far fetched tales from the media Know it alls The only thing I have learned is our government will either survive or Go Kaput.

  • In no way do I trust either since the media is run by the politicos.

    The U.S.A. is a republic. We vote for those who are supposed to *represent* us, but that happens only when it will secure a vote.

    The problem is not really the politicians, although they have gone to great lengths to enable and further their system of flappers and kickbacks, it is the system.

    We would be much better off if we could remove the politicians from their offices and eliminate the office, but humans are not ready to govern themselves so we are stuck with our elected royalty.

    We *do* need to change the names though.

    The ultra-rich politicians have no care for how their constituents live. The politicos think that $30,000/year is "rich" yet some of them are worth that much each DAY.

    Like the French royalty of the 18th century, the rich politicians desire only their own comfort.

    "What? The people have no bread to eat? then let them eat cake!"

    The politicians have come to believe that they are our masters rather than our servants.

    They are out of control.

    It's time to vote ALL of them out of office.

    We need to have a 'REMOVE INCUMBENT' option on the ballot.

  • Zelda
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    8 years ago

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    this video debunks all the sandy hook conspiracy theories

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