Help! Soccer advice!?

Backround info about myself: I'm a goalkeeper currently playing for one of the best premeire teams in the US. I wont tell you my exact age for privacy but im between 13 and 17 years old. I train under some of the best goalkeeping coaches.

But recently i've been thinking about my future alot, and here were the questions i had

1) Is it rediculous for a 14 year-old to get a agent?

2) If no, how could i go about getting an agent? (obvioulsy with my parents and coaches help)

3) What should be some questions to ask a possible agent?

4) Do agents approach players or do players find an agent?

Any more info would be great! Thanks!


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  • 7 years ago
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    Most women's soccer players do not make that little haha (unless they aren't on the roster probably). Last year, 14 out of 20 USWNT roster members were paid at least 70k. The other 6 were paid 50k. Bigger, more known players like Wambach, Morgan, Solo, etc. were probably given a little under 1mil. Compared to what other "less than five years out of college" jobs will pay you that's quite a lot of money. That's not even counting their Olympic salaries, post Olympic tour salaries, etc. I'm not even sure about WUSA since that league is long extinct. Also, players that played club soccer internationally (Krieger did 5 seasons with FFC Frankfurt while Rapinoe played for Lyon for a while and she's going back) are going to be payed much more than players who choose to play in the US.

    Alright, back to your question.

    1) Nothing is ridiculous, at 14 the sky is your limit (so is how deep your parent's wallet is). Agents are really expensive these days, so **** luck finding a good yet not overpriced one.

    2) Attend National showcases, go to Nike id2 camps, go for college camps, etc. you may even find a few college coaches watching you (though you're way too young aha).

    3) Well along with asking about prices, ask how many athletes they've trained and where they are today, if they've worked with any college or major teams, terms and conditioning, etc. Every agent is different so you have to make sure they're not a fraud.

    4) Totally depends. If it's an agent from a huge company like Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. then I guess since you're an individual they'd have to find you. For smaller agents they might be with the coaches at showcases.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Sarah, just how much will a female soccer player make professionally? This is not a crappy question but a real one.

    Why to consider using your very good skills to get college or university paid for instead? That would protect your educational needs and your future. And of by some miracle they do start handing out million dollar wages to women in soccer you will be able to change courses when and if you decide to.

    If you are writing about your child I recommend you read this again and again....and again. Education is what is important right now.

    Source(s): PS...WUSA paid $40k annually on average. UNSWT paid $25k and under
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  • 7 years ago

    Get noticed in High school (assuming you're there, or in College). Just stand out in school teams or club if that's what you're on and reach out to coaches to see if they have connections.

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  • 7 years ago

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