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What are some great restaurants in Virginia near RT 95?

We are travelling that stretch of highway during our trip and would like some late lunch suggestions. Something locally popular would be great too, not just a chain we could go to at home.

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  • Misty
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    8 years ago
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    1. Angela’s Restaurant – Thornburg, VA

    Location: I-95, exit 118 – Thornburg, Virginia

    2. The Smokey Pig Restaurant – Ashland, VA

    Location: I-95, exit 92 – Ashland, Virginia

    3. Dent’s Seafood – Triangle, VA

    Location: I-95 Exit 150 Triangle, Virginia

    4. The Bistro at Market And Grove

    Location: I-95 Exit 52Â – Old Towne Petersburg ,Virginia

    5. Tiziano’s

    Location: I-95, Exit 152, Dumfries, Virginia

    6. Country Pride Restaurant

    Location: Various locations along I-95

    7. The Brickhouse Run

    Location: I-95 Exit 52, Petersburg, Virginia

    8. Andrade’s

    Location: I-95 Exit 52, Petersburg, Virginia

    9. The Bistro

    Location: I-95 Exit 52, Petersburg, Virginia

    10. Bonefish Grill

    Location: I-95 Exit 130, Fredericksburg, Virginia

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Lunch for 2 on the gap Needle may well be had for around $80 5 in case you are not getting trashed. i like that place. F'in Halibut sandwich is the bomb! extremely cool adventure. attempt the fruit smoothie. To assessment that have attempt The pink Door in placed up alley, only below The Virginia hotel. super circumstances. sturdy oldies.

  • 8 years ago

    Yelp is great for questions like this. Figure out a city or town that you would like to stop in, go to Yelp, and type in "restaurant (name of town)". Yelp will also give suggestions for the nearby towns. It gives restaurant reviews with addresses, websites, and photos (food porn, LOL).

    Trip Advisor works similarly. Have fun!

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