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something strage going on with electricity bill?

We live in a tiny one bedroom apartment, just 2 people living in it. Our electric bill has been increasing throughout the winter, which is normal, I know. My problem is that the kilowatts per hour we are using has been increasing in huge increments. I get it that the heater goes up when the temperature drops, but we've been turning down the heat to keep it from kicking on so much. Other than that, not much has changed with our energy usage. We keep all the lights off most of the time, occasionally use the tv for short periods, and keep all unused appliances unplugged and our bill still keeps staying our kwh are going up. It started out in August saying we were using 171 kwh, which quickly increased to 698, 828, 1051, 1563 as of this month. Is it possible that someone in our apartment complex is tapping into our power? Or that there's an energy leak somewhere? Or is the power company possibly just screwing us over? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you use electricity for heat, and it's winter, you can expect the bill to go up dramatically. My summer electricity bills are about $30 a month. My winter ones are as high as $135 a month. Actually, let me correct that. I just looked at my most recent bill and it's $150 a month for November/December.

    Keep in mind that you use more lights in winter. You kind of have to, unless you stumble around in the dark from 5 pm to 8 am. Compare that to August, when you don't need to turn lights on till 8 pm and don't need them in the morning until 7 am or earlier. You might cook more in winter. Your hot water heater might use more power, because the water coming into it is colder in the first place.

    It's possible that someone else is tapping into your power. It does happen. You might call the power company and ask if the bills last year were similar for your place.

  • Alison
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    8 years ago

    Contact your energy provider and ask for an inspection. Explain your concerns. With the number of people stealing power these days I'm sure they would be willing to look into your issue.

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