Any idea for a mobile app or website platform?

I have learn how to do mobile apps and website but I have no idea what to do now, I would like to do some project and hope it generates revenes. Could someone give me new ideas or just tell me some needs you have and wish someone solve it?

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    After doing a little research, you would want to have your apps focused to a specific region or a topic. this is mainly your area of specialty. if you are really good at business, then why not create apps related to finance or money management? this works for all other categories as well.

    as for the platforms, ios is too expensive for you to start off with. i would go with the Android/ SDK platform or even the Windows App Store. I personally would think Windows App Store would sell better because of the app variety. you can be the first one to create an app that users need.

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  • I have 2 suggestions:

    1) why is it that you can send both e-mail and text from a mobile device but you can't send texts to a mobile from your computer?

    2) an ap that artists could buy enabling them to load photos of their art art and then sell the photos as digital paintings on large formats such as large screen TVs or other monitoring devices

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