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Can you recommend me some books & authors based on my tastes?

I am a very avid reader and books have always been important to me since I was just a child. However, I'm kind of in a dry spell. I need to broaden my horizons again, but as much as I love books whenever I walk into my local book store I'm overwhelmed and usually find myself just checking to see if my favourite authors have cooked up something new.

So I would love it if someone here would be willing to recommend some books as well as authors they think I might like. I'm going to list some of my favourite authors in order and my favourite book(s) by them, so you can grasp my tastes in literature. As broad as those tastes are, my favourite genres are horror, sci-fi, Gothic/dark fantasy and satire (usually British ones.)

1. Neil Gaiman - American Gods, Anansi Boys, Good Omens. I also really like The Sandman but I know it is technically a graphic novel.

2. Phillip K. Dick - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, A Scanner Darkly, The Man in the High Castle

3. Terry Pratchett - Going Postal, Small Gods, Soul Music

4. Stephen King - The Shining, Gerald's Game, The Dark Tower series (Especially that one)

5. Chuck Palahniuk - Survivor, Fight Club, Invisible Monsters

6. Clive Barker - The Books of Blood, The Thief of Always, The Hellbound Heart

7. William S. Burroughs - Naked Lunch, Junkie, The Ticket that Exploded

8. Ryu Murakami - Audition, Coin Locker Babies, Almost Transparent Blue

9. Douglas Adams - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The meaning of Life The Universe & Everything, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

10. H.P. Lovecraft - The Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath, At the Mountains of Madness, The Call of C'Thulu

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    I think I can recommend some things you'll like, other than Barker, Pratchett, and King, I'd say my tastes are in synch with yours. I think you're one of the few people I've ever seen mention coin locker babies for instance. So here are a few authors I pick up without question.

    William Gibson- I once read an article where he described his reading habits as being pulp sci-fi as a kid followed by the beats such as Burroughs and realized this was the exact reason I loved his Neuromancer so much. He combines science fiction with the quality and aesthetics of Burroughs.

    Norman Spinrad- Like Dick, Spinrad forces you to think rather than feeding you pure scifi entertainment. You don't see him mentioned much, because he isn't a "classic" hard sci-fi author scifi fans can be very conservative sometimes.

    Irvine Welsh- He writes of junkies and small time criminals living in Scotland. Trainspotting is known because of the movie, but his other works such as Glue surpass it.

    Neal Stephenson His work runs from pure scifi such as The Diamond Age to historical fiction such as his Baroque Cycle, to the pure modern thriller of Reamde. It's always interesting. I think you might like the complex ideas of his Anatham, as it resembles Dick's more esoteric works.

    Kurt Vonnegut is as close as I can get to Hitchhiker's Guide. Try his Slapstick or Slaughterhouse-5. If I was recommending television programs based on liking Hitchhiker's, I'd say try Red Dwarf as it comes closest to the tone of Hitchhiker's radio and tv versions.

    I can't help you with the horror stories, as my tastes tend to stop with Lovecraft, because unlike most horror writers he was an original, never wrote about one vampire or werewolf. So much horror just seems the same to me.

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    Neuromancer by William Gibson - great sci-fi

    Ready Player One by Ernest Cline - fast-paced futuristic adventure

    Replay by Ken Grimwood - compare to the movie Groundhog Day

    Swan Song by Robert McCammon - horror

    Heart Shaped Box or Horns by Joe Hill - horror

    To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis - scifi, humor and British

    Beggars in Spain by Nancy Kress - scifi

    The Contortionist's Handbook by Craig Clevenger - compare to Palahniuk

    Falling Angel by William Hjosrtsberg - horror, mystery, old style detective novel

    When I'm in need of new authors, I take a look at the awards given for the genres I like. Hugo and Nebula for scifi, Stoker for horror.

    Source(s): You and I like a lot of the same authors.
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    Tempest: Julie Cross

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    try the Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.

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    You may fin something of interest in our SciFi channel:

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