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My 9th grade class wants me to write a short story, I wrote the first paragraph, do you like it?

Blah,” society said.

“Halb,” the child responded.

Out of context this seems like the dialogue of perpetually idiotic entities. These entities however, are of great intellectual stature and are well versed in many economic, mathematic, scientific, and evangelical connection methods. I cannot stress the importance of taking into account the numerous accolades these two parties have been the recipients of. It is doubtless to say, that each of these participant’s, no doubt, have reached their individual capacities and are now enlightened individuals. While there is no dichotomy between the child and the society, as both are living in the same time period as the other-take that into significant account- if I were to tell you only the dialogue, and in random order who the participating individuals were, would you be able to distinguish between the child’s speech and the society’s speech or would you lack sufficient information that would foreseeably increase your chances of correctly stating which speech belongs to which? Would you agree that the lack of information could be attributed to the lack of contextual guideline in which the speech was spoken? –Let us agree that this is precisely the information one needs to distinguish between each. Now say I gave you the context, now can--

“Ahh…!,” you interject, being the wise man or woman or being you are, you ask, “Well with context one may distinguish between either speech and speech owner, but what is the meaning of all this?”

The meaning is that sometimes questions arise and answers are given. Without answers there are no questions, but without esophagus lingitus there is no cure for esophagus lingitus. Without context there is no such thing as esophagus lingitus, and without meaning there is no cure.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    There are only so many ways one can fu(k a chose to stick it up your asshole,an interesting approach to the task. Are you being overwhelmed by the topic or underwhelmed? Hard to say,unimaginative use of convoluted language suggests overwhelmed.then again convolution shows boredom with the topic,certainly finding it "underwhelming" .perhaps ,ethically speaking, one should…uh oh…

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