Convert text to number in excel 2010?

Please help, I imported data to excel and the cells that I want to sum are recognized as text. I did the following, all of which did not work:

1. I formatted these cells to General which did nothing, then formatted to Number which also didn't make a difference.

2. I entered the number 1 in another cell, then copied and pasted as special... Add in the text cells.

3. I converted text to number with the value function.

I trust that you will provide me with a solution that will put a :) on my face.



I tried "Multiply" - this also does not work

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  • 8 years ago
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    theres a couple more things you can try.

    - F2 or doubleclick to get into a "text" cell...

    - arrow (keyboard arrow keys) around, and make sure theres no extra or hidden characters that you just cant see..

    - if there is, select the character with your mouse (or ctrl-arrow) then Ctrl C and make a copy of the character.....

    - then do a find&replace to get rid of the character.

    - in the find box....paste your character

    - leave the replace box blank

    if you dont have any special characters, and it truly is numbers showing as "text" then try a quick "text-to-columns" (you should probably copy your column of "text" to a blank sheet to test this)

    - select the column of "Text"

    - click Data (at the top of the ribbon)

    - click Text to Columns (large icon near the middle)

    - click next

    - click next

    - make sure General is selected

    - click finish

    do either of those help?

  • 4 years ago

    Excel 2010 Convert Text To Number

  • IXL@XL
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    8 years ago

    Try entering 1 in a cell, copy then select offending cells then Paste Special MULTIPLY not Add

  • zamoro
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    4 years ago

    The pivot desk recounted prior is go however while you wish to have a few sheets- simply kind your customary understanding by way of nation then cut and paste one nation at a time into a brand new sheet

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