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BIZARRE INTERVIEW for job. What would of been the greatest response to this?

I recently interviewed with a passed employer. My old manager interviewed me and I was just not sure how to handle a few of the MOST bizarre questions.

My old manager showed up 25 minutes late to my interview.

My old manager asked me about my background.. I worked for her just 6 months ago and yes, she know my background then. I( WTF is that all about) My manager also interviewed me with a "colleague" I worked with. My manager was making a comment how "You were trained to do so and so when you worked here.". IN reality I was never trained to do so and so.. and mentioned this to her. She got defensive and to add insult to it, the colleague piped in.. Yes, she was NOT trained in so and so. My old manager immediately went form upset to pissy and essentially was telling me she offered me a full time job when I worked there and I turned her down. This is simply not true. She never did or I would of never left. I asked about that full time job and was told she needed someone with "more experience". WHY?? did this manager do this.. and what could I have done to make this less confrontive? I dont' understand why she bothered to call me for an interview if she isn't interested!! I left on good terms. I left because I was a part time employee seeking full time work.. a full time position opened up and that is what prompted me to re-apply.

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    8 years ago
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    There could be several reasons why your previous manager may have asked you about your background:

    Wanting to keep all questions to the interviewees the same so no appearance of favoritism or other stuff she could get in trouble for

    Business requires specific questions asked of all interviewees – I’ve actually seen some companies requiring interviewers to ask specific questions to all

    Maybe to simply see how you would handle the question – sometimes it isn’t the actual answer to a question an interviewer is seeking, but how you tackle the question itself.

    Or maybe the former manager remembers less of you than you think

    It also appears that you and your former manager appear to remember your background differently and perhaps what you have done at work. Could be lots of reasons – a lot of things on the manager’s mind, perhaps the manager was not as involved in your training, maybe lots has changed since, maybe manager has many people reporting to her so can’t remember every detail.

    Not sure why she got so mad though afterwards – maybe it was how you answered her, your tone/demeanor. Seeing how defensive you are now – maybe it was how you answered the first question – of course I wasn’t there so I can’t really know. Just be careful of your tone when you contradict someone even if you are correct.

    My guess is she could be confusing you with someone else? Maybe even mentioning that I think you might be confusing me with someone else? I didn’t get the opportunity to take that training and I would have loved to have worked full time for you. In any case, I am extremely interested in coming back and working full time at ABC.

    The colleague thing really isn’t odd – often times manager’s want a second opinion in an interview. Although being so late should have warranted an apology.

    Source(s): Years of interviewing candidates
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    8 years ago

    first of all u recently WERE interviewed. second - maybe she wanted to hire u as a full time now because u left on good terms and she liked u. but u surely pissed her off now, so now u can kiss that place good bye. i mean what intelligent person starts arguing with a potential manager who is interviewing her AND in front of an another employee? u screwed it up big time. i say she was interested, she was unaware of your trainings and stuff, u shouldn't have argued with her.

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    Sometimes you get good interviewers and sometimes you get really horrible ones. Even though you know her, your old manager was being a horrible interviewer.

    I think you handled the situation as best you could. At first I thought it was weird and inappropriate that your old colleague was there but it looks like it was blessing as she stood up for you.

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    5 years ago

    it could no longer advise which you have no longer have been given the interest. The interest I even have now i did no longer pay attention back from them till a week while they reported they might touch me. it could advise they are unreliable employers because of the fact it is in basic terms awful to no longer tell interveiwees in the event that they have been given the interest or no longer. It happens everywhere, merely loss of user-friendly-courtesy. persist with your weapons and seek for different jobs. a greater useful possible even arise interior the intervening time and that they ring you back to declare you acquire it then you definitely can courteously tell them you got here upon someplace greater useful. better of success.

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  • 8 years ago

    so you didn't really want the job did you??

    " I worked for her just 6 months ago and yes, she know my background then.".. she wanted to make sure your memior was the same as hers.. she wanted to make sure you didn't say you did more than you really did..

    " IN reality I was never trained to do so and so.. and mentioned this to her. ".. in the eyes of most companies.. you should be able to walk in on day one and know everything,, this response means you didn't and wouldn't and won't.. (yes, its bull but it is how it works in the real world)

    im assuming she was interested in re hiring you, but with your attitude I wouldn't have re hired you either..

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