Is the ghost in my house friendly or demonic?

I don't care if you believe me or not about the things im about to tell you so no "Ghosts arent real you're stupid" answers because these are real experiences of mine so don't waste my time.

There's a ghost in my house and I'm not sure if he's demonic or just being a nuisance. So far he hasn't physically hurt anyone in my house but he has done some frightening and annoying things. These are a few of my experiences with him, I want to know if I should get professional help. I'm not afraid of him but sometimes i do fear him and he is quite bothersome at times.

One night i was sleeping and i heard a whisper of my name really loudly. I was afraid to open my eyes but i did slowly, i rolled over to face my door which was previously shut closed which i ALWAYS keep closed when i sleep and im sure it was closed when i fell asleep that night. The thing is, when someone opens my door it creaks extremely loud, loud enough to wake me but i hadnt heard the door open. I've heard before that if you hear someone whisper your name it's the devil so i was freaked out. This is one of the reasons why I want to know whether or not he is dangerous.

Another experience that pops out is, one day i was in the bathroom fixing my hair and my mirror works at an angle that if you look into it, you can see the hallways and the doorway to my room. When i looked into the mirror i saw a TALL BLACK figure standing in my room doorway i stared at it for a few seconds in absolute shock and then slammed the bathroom door shut. When i opened the door again, it was gone.

One more story, my sister won be a large ball from a party once, it's the kind of balls that are the size of those yoga/exercise balls, so i put it in a corner of my room and everytime i would exit and re-enter my room, the ball would be rolled to my door. This happened a couple of time until i got fed up and wedged the ball between my bed and wall, i tested it to make sure it wouldnt move. The next was at the doorway again. I didnt have time to put it back in its spot so i just threw it on my bed. A few hours later i was rummaging through my closet and suddenly the closet door closed almost all the way. I thought it was just my sister messing with me so i started yelling at her to stop playing around and let me out. Then i looked through the space and saw the ball on the floor basically jamming the door from opening. I started screaming for my sister to get me out and she came running. As soon as she entered the room, the ball released the door and i got out.

A few more details, my cross kept falling of my wall. And one of the charms from my charm bracelet disappeared for a few days and reappeared attached to another bracelet of mine which i thought was really REALLY strange. At night when i go into the kitchen to get food i always feel like someone is behind me, when i open to refrigerator door i feel like someone is standing behind the door. Once when i was taking a shower, the bathroom door opened by itself even though it was locked. At night i heard footsteps, the bathroom door opening and closing, cabinets opening and closing, and the dishwasher going on and off, my old barbie doll house going off and making sounds, just a bunch of weird things like that. Do you think the ghost will ever start physically hurt me and my family? Thanks.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I would agree with Intel it sounds like just a ghost maybe a couple ghosts in fact sounds to me like 2 of them one younger and one older both male... i could go into why i reaon this out but trust me by your actions reactions thats how it sounds... and just casue you hear yer name its no big deal now if you heard. "Your worthless, your gonna die!" blah blah blah derogitory things like that that is a sing of a demon or if you feal a severe loss of energy and feal a bad presence all the time and accident happen around you and to you alot suddenly and you start seing thigns and you hear it in yer head... thats a demon they break your will... they want yer soul... a demon is after one thing...this is random playful things not a biggy...

  • John
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    7 years ago

    I read your whole description. Here is the most probably explanation from what I've read.

    "One night i was sleeping...." ... you dreamed this whole episode.

    Regarding the image in the mirror, who knows -- it may have been a peripheral vision illusion, it may have been the shadow of your sister, it could have been a trick of light. Too bad you you shut the door instead of investigating, you would have had your answer.

    The ball -- your sister was moving it. The closet -- your sister was yanking your chain. It's fun to scare your sisters.

    Cross fell off the wall -- things are always falling off the walls in houses everywhere. It's because people don't hang things securely in the first place.

    Charm bracelet -- you don't remember moving it, or your sister messed with it.

    Feeling like you're being watched -- only a symptom of anxiety, nothing more.

    Footsteps -- most houses make repeated "footstep" sounds at night, either due to the structure settling with drop in temperature or loose pipes or even branches hitting the side of the house in the wind.

    Bathroom and cabinet doors being open or closed -- sounds like a typical household to me. Other household members may be doing it, or even drafts can open and close doors.

    Dishwasher -- time to replace the dishwasher, the timer is malfunctioning

    Barbie doll house -- toys typically have cheap electronics and have old batteries in them making intermittent contacts. Not unusual.

    IN SUMMARY --- you're assembling a ghost story out of many unrelated things that have their own natural explanations. So the answer is no, the "ghosts" won't hurt you.

  • 4 years ago

    If you use a Ouija board you WILL get a demon! It will open the door to the occult. Here's what you do. IF it is a ghost this WILL work. Pray every single day/night. "Father in heaven, please remove any spirit that's not from you from my house". It WILL work. God is WAY bigger than any spirit. Now consider this. With it being colder the heat ducts expand with heat and contract when being cooled. This makes LOTS of creaking noised-LOTS. Also your TV is plastic and does the same with heat and cooling. †

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  • 7 years ago

    Hell no this ain't Casper the friendly ghost. HE TRAPPED YOU IN A CLOSET!! You need to go out in public So the ghost won't hear you and call a spiritual person to rid you of the ghost. If you do it at home he will here you and harm you before they get there. Don't talk to it and pretend not to notice it. Don't put up any crosses that will also piss him off. He knocked your cross down so I'm guessing he doesnt like god.

  • 7 years ago

    There is not enough evidence here to say one way or another if it is a demon spirit.....I believe it is just a spirit or ghost seeking your attention why it does what it does......perhaps the only way to know for sure is to ask it questions to feel it out, and to see if it answers you back nicely....try to be cool because you don't want to make it stronger if it is a demon, because it will feed off your fear, you allowing it to become stronger......just put up more cross's and pray for protection.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I was freaked out simply by reading your descriptions. Maybe you should ask for professional help. This doesn't sound like a friendly ghost. Even if he is friendly, he is being very naughty, which may cause trouble to your life.

  • CF
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    7 years ago

    You have a demon or demons there.

    When you assign a power of protection to inanimate objects such as crosses or any amulets used for "protection," you put those things in the realm of the occult ,inviting demonic spirits into your life. So discard those things.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I want you to take off your blouse and stand at the window, stand there for hours each night.

    Lure him in.

    Trapping rouge spirits is dangerous work, especially topless.

    Take LOTS of photographs and post here.

    Source(s): Area 53
  • 7 years ago

    Dude that doesn't sound friendly at all I don't know about demonic maybe but I'm guessing not a very happy ghost

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