Why won't gmail let me sign in with my GMAIL account!?

When I click on forgot password, it sends the password reset link to my yahoo account. Then when I reset it, I still can't sign in with gmail but take this! I can sign in with my yahoo account! It says it's my primary account and I can only sign in with this one! When I try to change it to gmail, it says my primary account has to be different!

I sent an email to my gmail account and when I sign in on there with my yahoo one, it doesn't tell me I received an email! It also told me today that I can tie my yahoo account to a gmail one and so I thought maybe my gmail disappeared, I tried typing it in to create it and it says it's already taken!

PLEASE HELP ME!!! What happened to my gmail account?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Try resetting the password again.

    I assume that you can access the yahoo account fine. They don't need to be merged/tied, just keep them separate to keep things simple.

    Use the gmail login site to log into gmail, and the yahoo login site to log into yahoo. These are separate services and are not interchangeable.

  • 4 years ago

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