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is spotify free????!?

is it free to download songs to your playlist? cuz rite now im on the free 2 day trial, and also, do they charge you if you turn the offline off or something like that? please answer! thanks so much!!!

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    Yes, Spotify is free. Spotify Premium is 8 bucks a month though, but you get the first month free. But Spotify itself is free, all the songs and the option to sync a playlist so you can listen to it with out an internet connection. You can have the option to sync a playlist or not for I think a month, then after that first month you can't get that playlist offline anymore. Spotify is really cool though because all the songs are free, playlists and the app itself. If you are getting it on your phone or iPod, you have 48 hours to make your playlists meaning you have 48 hours to get all the songs you want on to on playlist. When the 48 hours is up, you can't put anymore songs on. If you are getting it on your computer, you can add songs whenever you want. But everything on Spotify is free, songs, offline mode, the app etc. But Spotify Premium costs money. Also, Spotify has commercials so after a few songs are done playing, you'll hear an ad. That's how I know so much about Spotify Premium, they ALWAYS advertise it :/

    Source(s): I listen to Spotify all the time :)
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    4 years ago

    Is Spotify Free

  • 8 years ago

    Spotify is fee but if you want ad-free its not free it's like 9.99 a month I think correct me if I am wrong

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    8 years ago


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