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bryan asked in Consumer ElectronicsTiVO & DVRs · 8 years ago

Picture not formatted correctly on some channels (DTV)?

So we have a 22" HDTV hooked up to an SD DVR. Most channels like Nickelodeon show correctly. They are in 4:3 and everything looks fine. Then for HD broadcasts on ESPN and the like, they are letterboxed in order to keep the whole picture on the screen, which is also fine. But for a couple channels, like the NHL Network and some local channels they aren't letterboxed therefore cutting both sides off and making the picture looked zoomed. It's incredibly hard to watch sports like hockey and football with this.

I guess I just want to know if there is anything at all I can do to fix it. I've just assumed the whole time that it's how the network broadcasts it, meaning that if they broadcast in 16:9 without adding letterboxing for those without HD and it gets pushed through the 4:3 DVR then I'm just SOL. But I figure maybe there is some way around it.....

And of course the only reason I ask is because we can't upgrade to HD, because of the extra cost for the service and having to purchase the HD DVRs. Any help would be good.


What setting would that be?

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    you will have to use the options from the tv to change the format. depending on the brand of tv, look at the remote that came with the tv, it may have a "pic size" button . if not youll have to browse the main menu to find it

  • J M
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    8 years ago

    Change you setting to match the channel that you are watching.

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